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Be­ing a poseur around a geeky gamer girl is highly dis­cour­aged. the hard­core gamer girls know their stuff and they ab­hor fak­ers. So re­ally, the best way to make it work is to just start play­ing the games. Visit board game cafés like Dyce and Dyne. these cafés have reg­u­lars who will be happy to teach you the games avail­able in their li­brary. Play with your­self and learn. even bet­ter, ask your gamer girl to play with you. Girls like guys who lis­ten to them. Geeky gamer girls aren’t any dif­fer­ent. But with gamer girls, in­stead of lis­ten­ing to what her friend did or what clothes she bought, you’re go­ing to hear about her lat­est game pur­chase and her killer board game ses­sion last night. Or she might lure you into a dis­cus­sion on the mer­its of strat­egy and tac­tics. Re­mem­ber that gamer girls are pas­sion­ate folk. If you get them hot and ex­cited enough with words, the rest will fol­low smoothly. Im­merse your­self in games, past con­quests, and other fan­doms (books, anime, cos­play, Sher­lock, Game of Thrones, Neil Gaiman… to name a few). Who knows, you might even­tu­ally dig them your­self. Once you’ve got your toys, it’s of para­mount im­por­tance to pro­tect them. Whether it’s ul­tra­ex­pen­sive gam­ing mouses and key­boards, or decks of Magic: The Gath­er­ing cards, geeky gamer girls love it when they can see that you take care of your equip­ment. This some­how equates to them think­ing you’ll be able to take care of her re­ally well. See­ing abused and overused equip­ment can trig­ger a red flag in a gamer girl’s head. Take a cue from vet­eran gamers. Go to a lo­cal board game café and you’ll see gamers lov­ingly putting their dice in vel­vet pouches, or us­ing plas­tic sleeves to pro­tect each card in their leg­endary decks. get help on­line with shows like from the geeky and Sundry youtube chan­nel or gam­ing sites like ign and ko­taku for com­puter and con­sole games.

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