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A wine party wouldn’t be com­plete with­out the cheese. Ex­am­ples: Ched­dar, white cheese, blue cheese, moz­zarella, cream cheese Ag­ing process: “Lac­tic acid fer­men­ta­tion is the abil­ity of lac­tic acid bac­te­ria to grow on milk, mak­ing it solid,” says au­thor and food tech­nol­o­gist Vic Ejanda. The per­fect ag­ing pe­riod: Cheese made from raw milk must be aged for at least 60 days. Signs of good ag­ing: It’s acrid, aro­matic, and has a harsh taste and smell—or it could also be heavenly, de­pend­ing on the level of your cheese fetish. Shelf life: One to three months in the fridge at four de­grees Cel­sius Signs of spoilage: Of­fodor, for­ma­tion of molds on the sur­face

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