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What it is ac­cord­ing to Wiki

“A Foley catheter (named for its de­signer, Fred­eric Foley) is a flex­i­ble tube that is passed through the ure­thra and into the blad­der to drain urine.”

Why you Would need one

When you can’t uri­nate on your own be­cause you’re in the hospi­tal for some other com­pli­ca­tion. Very com­mon.

What it’s re­ally like

“Ba­si­cally, we clean your man- or woman-junk with Be­ta­dine. After­wards, the doc­tors bring out the foley catheter, which is this very long soft tube. They put some KY jelly on the tip and then in­sert it into the ure­thra of your pri­vate parts. We slide it in very deep to make sure it’s at the area of the blad­der… It is a very long tube. Se­da­tion is not nec­es­sary for this so you can be awake for it.” AE, 4th year Med


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