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When ba­con is life, giv­ing up meat and all food that come from an­i­mal by-prod­ucts may seem crazy, but on the off chance that those an­i­mal rights ac­tivists got to you or you re­ally felt sorry while watch­ing Okja on Net­flix, try­ing out this hip­ster diet might be for you.

Gains: You’d be sur­prised at what de­li­cious op­tions you can come up with in your kitchen with a lit­tle bit of cre­ativ­ity. “Most ve­gan di­ets give you loads of di­etary fiber that could aid in weight loss,” says Cruz. Losses: Other than the dent this will put on your wal­let (since most ve­gan in­gre­di­ents are hella ex­pen­sive here in the Philip­pines in com­par­i­son to pro­cessed meats, go fig­ure), “be­cause you can only find cer­tain nu­tri­ents like vi­ta­min B-12 (this vi­ta­min keeps you from feel­ing fa­tigued and reg­u­lates your bowel move­ments) in meats, eggs, and dairy, ve­g­ans usu­ally re­sort to tak­ing vi­ta­min sup­ple­ments to com­bat their de­fi­cien­cies,” says Cruz.

Ver­dict: Too pricey. Hav­ing to get some of your nu­tri­ents from sup­ple­ments is also a big price to pay.

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