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IN­DUS­TRY: it-search En­gine Op­ti­miza­tion AGE: 28 SCHOOL: De la Salle uni­ver­sity, bach­e­lor of Sci­ence in in­for­ma­tion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion Tech­nol­ogy Man­age­ment I failed 28 units. Se­ri­ously. la Salle al­most kicked me out. All I had was P2,000 to start a com­pany. i built the site, wrote, and closed my first deals. i was ac­tu­ally do­ing it for my first blog, so it was all per­sonal. One thing i re­al­ized early was that i had to in­crease my traf­fic, be­cause i had very few read­ers. Google told me the best way to do it is to be spe­cific. be­cause when peo­ple search for some­thing, they al­ready want to con­sume con­tent, or buy a prod­uct. when you are in so­cial me­dia, you’re just killing time. [if your web­site is your busi­ness], peo­ple that come to your site from Face­book are not that rel­e­vant; peo­ple com­ing from google are. Search traf­fic is very pow­er­ful. That’s when i re­al­ized i should turn my blog into a busi­ness. Search En­gine Op­ti­miza­tion is ba­si­cally the art and the sci­ence be­hind search en­gines like google, ya­hoo and bing, com­ing up with tar­get key­words and all that. Now that we’re a com­pany, I can hire, and I look for three skill sets. you have to be able to write, code, and sell. I don’t hire mer­ce­nar­ies; I hire mis­sion­ar­ies. Peo­ple who will take on the cause, peo­ple who will go the dis­tance with us. Mer­ce­nar­ies are peo­ple who are just from job to job. FHM

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