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They start by mas­sag­ing your head and shoul­ders, then the ther­a­pist asks if you’re com­fort­able with him or her crack­ing your neck. Say yes—it feels re­ally re­lax­ing and is com­pletely pain­less. “AP bal­ance is our orig­i­nal tech­nique de­vel­oped by Karada ther­a­pists,” says Nishiro. “Where they fo­cus on the first cer­vi­cal called At­las, and then down to your pelvis, which even­tu­ally aligns your whole spine”. Parts hit: Your en­tire spine. hid­den ben­e­fits: Bet­ter pos­ture, stops most chronic back pain. Align­ing your hips can lengthen your shorter legs, both your legs even!

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