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Ella, 24 San Juan

Noth­ing feels bet­ter than get­ting that much de­served Fri­day night out af­ter an ex­tremely stress­ful week. Es­pe­cially when your room­mate is out for the week­end which means you’re free to, hope­fully, bring some­one home.

It’s been months since I had a proper Fri­day night, more so a proper hookup. What with grad­u­ate classes and our re­cently opened makeup ser­vices gig with my child­hood best friend and room­mate, Cara. I don’t re­ally have the time to go out. Not that I’m com­plain­ing. Makeup is our pas­sion and turn­ing it into busi­ness has al­ways been a shared dream.

But noth­ing beats Fri­day night outs which is why I’ve been spend­ing the last hour glam­ming up. I was just about to put on eye­liner when the door sud­denly opened. “Um...hi?” “Holy shit! Greg! You scared me!” “Sorry, Ella! Didn’t Cara say I was go­ing to spend the night?”

What?! Greg? Cara’s tall, gor­geous, moreno, older brother is stay­ing over? I checked my phone and yup, Cara did send a mes­sage about two hours ago.

“Uh, I was just about to leave. Sorry, I hope you don’t mind me pre­par­ing here in Cara’s room. It’s just that all our stuff is in here,” I said as I ges­tured to­wards the makeup and the full-length mir­ror.

“It’s fine. If you don’t mind I’d like to lie down. I have a long day ahead to­mor­row. I’m meet­ing a client nearby and I didn’t want to risk the hours stuck in traffic so I fig­ured I’d just spend the night.”

Greg plopped down on Cara’s bed and I con­tin­ued put­ting on my makeup. Cara knows I’ve had the big­gest crush on Greg. Grow­ing up, Greg never paid at­ten­tion to skinny, long-legged, pale me. I never had the courage to make the first move ei­ther.

I sub­tly watched Greg’s re­flec­tion in the mir­ror. I could see that he was just fak­ing sleep­ing and he was ac­tu­ally watch­ing me. I was re­lieved I chose to wear this tight black dress that does won­ders to my ass. I just re­al­ized this is the first time I’ve ever been alone with him. I leaned to­wards the mir­ror so my butt would stick up a bit more. I watch Greg’s eyes feast on my back­side.

Just when I was about to fin­ish get­ting ready, Greg stood up. With­out a word, he walked to­wards me and grabbed my ass. I turned around and mas­saged his bulging mem­ber. I un­zipped Greg’s pants and pulled out his cock mar­veling at his length. He groaned as I knelt down to lick his shaft up and down be­fore suck­ing the tip very lightly. I slowly wrapped my mouth around his cock leav­ing lip­stick stains all over him. I took his hands and let him steady my head al­low­ing him to fu­ri­ously thrust into my face.

All of a sud­den, he pulled me up and led me to the bed. “Spread your legs for me, babe,” he said as he po­si­tioned him­self right in front of my pussy. He tugged on my un­der­wear and wasted no sec­ond ap­ply­ing his tongue on my pussy lips. I sighed as his tongue grazed my wet folds, paus­ing only to suck on my en­gorged clit.

“Ahhh….yes just right there,” I sighed as my pussy juices filled his mouth. I grabbed a fist­ful of his hair and rubbed my clit roughly on his wait­ing tongue.

“You want my cock inside you?” Greg teased, as he moved on top of me, his fin­gers still buried deep inside me. I pushed him back to the bed and strad­dled him. I took off my dress and watched him stare at my breasts. I reached for his dick and slid it back and forth my soak­ing lips.

Greg reached for my tits and my ass sigh­ing and pant­ing as I started pick­ing up pace. I rode him faster and faster, pulling him closer to­wards my breasts. He licked and bit on my hard nip­ples. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any bet­ter, he in­serted a fin­ger inside my ass­hole.

“OH FUCK! Shit, baby! Ah­hhh yes…yes!” I screamed as I con­tin­ued rid­ing him while his fin­ger went in and out my ass. Greg pulled my face to his and met my hun­gry mouth, my pussy still mov­ing up and down his shaft. “Babe…al­most there,” Greg moaned.

I kept rid­ing him de­spite his protests. “Ugggghhh…holy fuck… baby…i’m cum­ming!” I took his cock in my mouth and swal­lowed ev­ery drop of his cum. I kept suck­ing Greg un­til I felt him shud­der. “Damn, babe…chill,” he chuck­led as he pulled me up and a planted a kiss on my lips.

“You ruined my Fri­day plans. You owe me one,” I teased as I guided his hands back inside my cunt.

‘All of a sud­den, he pulled me up and led me to the bed. “Spread your legs for me, babe,” he said as he po­si­tioned him­self right in front of my pussy’

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