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The re­la­tion­ship women have with makeup has al­ways been a mys­tery to us guys. We just can’t seem to fathom how women can put so much ef­fort and cash into some­thing they’ll just wash off within the day (un­less they want to dam­age the skin they’re try­ing to make look bet­ter). It all just seems so ironic and con­fus­ing to us. Though, see­ing how good, makeup artist In­sta­gram model, and painter An­gela Martinez looks in these pho­tos does pro­vide a con­vinc­ing ar­gu­ment to why makeup is worth all the has­sle. Hope­fully, she can help with our confusion.

When did you start do­ing makeup pro­fes­sion­ally? When I was just start­ing out, my sis­ter Mandy (Martinez), as you prob­a­bly al­ready know since you guys fea­tured her just last month along with An­drea (Beldua), is a pho­tog­ra­pher, would bring me to her shoots so I can do makeup on her mod­els. Do you re­mem­ber your first makeup gig? Yes, uhm, it was okay, ha ha! It was a ca­sual por­trait shoot for one of her clients and, uhm, I think I’ve im­proved a lot from then, ha ha! Did they com­plain about any­thing? Oh no! She ac­tu­ally re­ally liked it. But look­ing back at it now, I see a lot of things I could’ve done bet­ter. I could have used a lot less makeup for it since the model had re­ally light skin and you could re­ally see all the de­tails and col­ors put onto her face, which was an un­fa­mil­iar ex­pe­ri­ence for me, who’s used to do­ing makeup on darker, tanned skin women like my sis­ters and my­self. Most guys don’t re­ally know much about makeup so we’re re­ally cu­ri­ous about why some women are re­ally into it Well, for me, peo­ple use makeup to en­hance cer­tain fea­tures they want to high­light. Makeup is an art form and mode of ex­pres­sion for me. It also gives a lot of peo­ple con­fi­dence. I used to al­most never go out if I didn’t have any makeup on, and now I don’t re­ally mind go­ing bare faced. Do you think guys should be more knowl­edge­able about makeup? Yeah! When girls ask guys about how they look, they usu­ally want to know what you guys re­ally feel. Though some­times, [girls] can be a bit “bipo­lar” and we just want you to say we look good but then we take it as, “Oh, so I only look good when I have makeup on? Is that it?!” So you usu­ally want to feel out the sit­u­a­tion be­fore say­ing some­thing, ha ha! Well, that’s… con­cern­ing. So, uhm, what should guys tell their girl­friends or girl friends when they find some­thing off about the makeup they have on? I think it re­ally de­pends on how their re­la­tion­ship is like be­cause even if you don’t re­ally mean any­thing neg­a­tive and you’re just be­ing hon­est, she might take it dif­fer­ently. I know that a lot of guys like the nat­u­ral look be­cause that’s what they see most of the time. If the girl hints that she’s un­sure of the makeup she’s try­ing, that’s when you should give some of your in­put, but if she doesn’t have any neg­a­tive feel­ings about how she looks then I think it would be bet­ter to keep the com­ments to your­self. She’s happy so why even try and change that? Do you have a dis­tinct style with how you do makeup? I tend to go for more bronzy and nat­u­ral looks. Like how you would come out from tan­ning or some­thing and you have a flushed and fresh color to your skin. How much makeup on av­er­age do women put on ev­ery day? How does the makeup process go ex­actly? EachBB Cream,girl is which dif­fer­en­tis like but a I mois­tur­izerusu­ally just but put with­bit of a pow­der,tint that then match­esdo my your eye­brows,skin tone, and a putIt on­lyon Chap­stick­takes me about[lip balm]five min­utes­then I’m since done! I’m pretty used to it. Is that con­sid­ered a lot of makeup al­ready? ’Cause that seems like a lot of makeup Not re­ally. I’ve put on A LOT of makeup for some shoots and I think the main difference is the amount of foun­da­tion you put and the de­tails that are added like, I put on eye shadow, wing eye­liner, high­light on the cheeks, con­tour, dark lip­stick, and stuff like that. But isn’t makeup bad for your skin? Doesn’t that go against the pur­pose of mak­ing your­self tem­po­rar­ily look bet­ter in the present but look worse in the long run? Please ex­plain That’s true! Well, there are also a lot of prod­ucts that you can use to clean your skin af­ter­wards—i guess that’s how they make money in the cos­met­ics world. They wouldn’t make a prod­uct with­out hav­ing some­thing that ef­fec­tively re­moves it and helps your skin re­cover. That’s re­ally clever and some­how seems pretty evil. Hy­po­thet­i­cally, if the world just mag­i­cally stopped car­ing about how we look, would you stop put­ting on makeup? I don’t do makeup for any­one ex­cept for my­self but I do like show­ing peo­ple my work. At the end of the day, it’s your life and you choose what you want to do with it. Each per­son has a dif­fer­ent rea­son for put­ting on makeup, but ev­ery­one else doesn’t see those rea­sons— they just see the makeup.

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