I smoke. Not reg­u­larly, and cer­tainly not daily, but I smoke.

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I don’t crave it, nor do I chase af­ter it. If it’s there and I can light up, and then only if

want to, I will. If not, then fine. That prob­a­bly makes my life much more tol­er­a­ble than the chron­ics’ un­der the na­tion­wide smok­ing ban.

In the build­ing where FHM’S HQ is, there is no Des­ig­nated Smok­ing Area (DSA). There used to be—re­ally just a space out­side the build­ing right on the side­walk—but with the ban in place the build­ing ad­min­is­tra­tors dis­al­lowed it.

Now the of­fi­cial DSA is three build­ings away, still out­door and open, tucked in a sub­level of a mall be­side the base­ment park­ing en­trance. I’m as­sum­ing this DSA is shared by all the oth­ers in the area be­cause it’s al­ways packed with the con­gre­ga­tion of the smok­ing dis­pos­sessed, like they were in some kind of wor­ship ser­vice.

It’s these ob­ser­va­tions that led us to write a piece on how one smoker gets by un­der the na­tion­wide ban (So Where Do I Light Up?, pp.46). Our sub­ject was no doubt pissed that he has to go make pil­grim­ages now to find DSAS, if there are even any, es­pe­cially in malls, be­cause they’re not re­quired to have one ac­cord­ing to Ex­ec­u­tive Order No. 26. So what hap­pens is ei­ther he bucks the Order or fol­low the rules and feel mis­er­able not be­ing able to light up. Let’s face it: smok­ing kills, but most smok­ers don’t look like they want to stop (un­til, you know, it ac­tu­ally kills).

You have to read this be­cause it’s good ed­u­ca­tion—about laws and how they work, and how smok­ing re­ally is a dis­ease. It’s also good ex­er­cise in not judging peo­ple—we let our sub­ject air his gripes and didn’t preach back at him. His opin­ions, con­trary as it may sound, is still as valid as ev­ery­one else’s. While we’re on the sub­ject of judging peo­ple, don’t judge Big Boy Cheng (The High

Life and Hyped Times of Big Boy Cheng, pp.52) for be­ing a Supreme hype­beast. He can af­ford it, and it makes him happy. Read our pro­file on him and it’s like you’ve been ac­cepted to his in­ner cir­cle.

And cer­tainly don’t judge this month’s cover, Daiana Menezes (New Day, pp.26), for be­ing sin­gle again and fancy free. She de­serves bet­ter things, and only wants to live life as she pleases. So guess what? We let her be!

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