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Usu­ally, you have a choice be­tween mar­i­nated and non­mar­i­nated. You can also choose from pork, beef, chicken, and even seafood. For the grilling, re­mem­ber these: cook the non-mar­i­nated ones first, fol­lowed by the mar­i­nated meats— ev­ery­thing on medium heat only! Flip from time to time for even cook­ing. If a piece looks done, place it to the side so it doesn’t over­cook. Or bet­ter yet, eat it. “Cook grill beef for less than two min­utes, pork for about a two to three min­utes, and cook chicken for four to six min­utes,” says Sen­son. Non-mar­i­nated Premium Steak Premium Chadol (An­gus beef brisket) Sam­gyup­sal (Pork belly) Hangjungsal (Pork cheek) Mar­i­nated Red Wine Sam­gyup­sal Ca­jun Shrimp Ca­jun Chicken Beef Bul­gogi Ca­jun Sam­gyup­sal Hawai­ian Steak

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