I don’t know what is more trag­i­cally funny—

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not be­ing there when the Bub­ble Gang girls were shoot­ing this month’s cover, or hav­ing to look at be­fore-and-af­ter pho­tos of Xan­der Ford and the other pa­tients of plas­tic sur­geon Dr. Eric “Doc Yappy” Yapjuanco, while ner­vously hold­ing my own nose, mak­ing sure it was still in place.

Both ac­tu­ally hap­pened in this is­sue that has turned out to be one of the most packed is­sues we’ve had the plea­sure of de­liv­er­ing.

The idea for an eight-babe ex­trav­a­ganza (Sleep­overs Are Fun!, p. 22) wasn’t even ours to be­gin with—it was the girls’. It was Bub­ble Gang’s 22nd year and they wanted to do some­thing big. When we got a call for it, there was no way we would say no. And when shoot day came, I had to call in sick.

There they were: Kim Domingo, Chariz Solomon, Jackie Rice, Valeen Mon­tene­gro, Denise Bar­ba­cena, Arra San Agustin, Lovely Abella, and Arny Ross in one stu­dio, in sleep­wear, sim­u­lat­ing a slum­ber party. To have been the one guy in the middle of it all was the dream made real, but I couldn’t make it.

Of­ten, when I tell peo­ple I work for FHM, the first thing they say is “so nan­dun ka sa mga shoot?” This is one of those times when I will lie, be­cause if I tell them I wasn’t, they will say, “pet­malu ka! Di ka lodi! An­gat ka!” Ap­par­ently, back­ward words are the cur­rent funny now (for how long, I don’t know), and that last one, when un-re­versed, does not mean I am above them all. Far from it.

As for Doc Yappy (How To Re­place A Face, p. 60), the Xan­der Ford Big Re­veal shook up so­cial me­dia on the month we be­gan putting this is­sue to bed. While ev­ery­one else was hav­ing a blast bash­ing the erst­while Mar­lou Arizala, we thought the bet­ter story was the guy who worked on his face. If he can do mir­a­cles like that, then ev­ery­one gets a fair chance at tak­ing a celebrity-grade selfie.

And then he shows me be­fore-and-af­ter pho­tos of his work to prove it. They were un­be­liev­able. It’s like en­tire new faces were grafted onto old ones. Their noses stood beam­ing and proud.

But I like my flat nose. I’m keep­ing it.

AL­LAN P. HER­NAN­DEZ Act­ing Ed­i­tor in Chief al­lan.her­nan­dez@sum­mit­media.com.ph

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