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Who are you when it comes to sleep­overs–naughty or nice? Ako yung mag­ulo, ha ha! Ako yung nag­sisim­ula ng gulo tsaka mag­ulo pero cau­tious pa rin. What is an ex­am­ple of this cau­tion? Ex­am­ple? Baduy, wala, ha ha! It’s just in the back of my head. Like, I might have neigh­bors na main­gayan ganyan. Yung mga bach­e­lorette par­ties parang lagi ko lang din silang nire-re­mind na “Oh you have to be quiet, baka may ku­ma­tok or some­thing.” Are you the ate for the rest of the Bub­ble Girls that way? Some­what. But I’m also the bully! So, it’s the bal­ance! And sino yung kawawa sa ‘yo? Si Denise. Kasi, yung mukha niya ka-bully-bully! Hindi. Ac­tu­ally, la­hat sila na-bully ko na. I guess it’s like my way of say­ing na, “Close na tayo ah, I like you, can we be close.” Are you the same way to­wards guys? Yeah, and some­times it’s not that good, cause they mis­in­ter­pret, ha ha! What kind of re­ac­tion are you look­ing for any­way? When they get bul­lied I wanna see them strug­gle un­til ma-challenge sila to go like “So what if you are bul­ly­ing me?” Just to build up their con­fi­dence a bit. Do you re­act the same way? I’m very com­pet­i­tive as a per­son... but di ako binu-bully eh, ha ha! Sig­uro natatakot sila sa‘kin, parang ganu’n. I know na­man that since I do the same thing I kinda get their way of think­ing. Like I’m pretty sure this per­son is just bul­ly­ing me just to break the ice.

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