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It’s im­por­tant to keep the ma­chine that is your body in good con­di­tion for it to per­form well. So apart from ex­er­cis­ing like crazy and stay­ing hy­drated through­out the game, make sure you prep your­self be­fore step­ping on the court.

DO IT First of all, rest up. Your body needs six to eight hours of deep, un­in­ter­rupted sleep to re­cover and re­pair tis­sue. Eat a va­ri­ety of food be­fore­hand: carbs for fuel, and healthy pro­teins for mus­cle-build­ing. “Ba­nanas get a spe­cial men­tion as it’s a great source of potas­sium—an elec­trolyte that your body needs but loses dur­ing ex­er­cise or phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. Load up on this to pre­vent mus­cle cramps

a.k.a. pu­likat,” Sanders says.

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