Eigh­teen full-length fea­ture films have brought dozens of comic book char­ac­ters to life in a uni­verse of un­matched scale. all of it leads to this

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We’ve waited ten years for this!

No one and noth­ing has ever be­fore achieved what the Marvel Cin­e­matic Uni­verse has.

As of Black Pan­ther, the mega-fran­chise is com­prised of 18 films, which to­gether have raked in over $14.4 bil­lion in the box of­fice. That’s the most that any film fran­chise has ever grossed, even beat­ing all of Star Wars. That’s more than the an­nual GDP of Ja­maica. It’s been nearly a decade since the MCU’S first film—jon Favreau’s Iron Man—and im­me­di­ately af­ter we’d been wit­ness to a Big Bang of su­per­hero sto­ries that span cen­turies and gal­ax­ies. Now, with its 19th film and the penul­ti­mate in­stall­ment of The Avengers, the en­tire saga will reach its epic cul­mi­na­tion.

Avengers: In­fin­ity War will see Earth’s might­i­est he­roes unite to bat­tle the alien war­lord Thanos, their most pow­er­ful op­po­nent yet. Thanos is on a mis­sion to col­lect the In­fin­ity Stones, which when im­bued into his gaunt­let, will give him the power to “bal­ance the uni­verse.” In the In­fin­ity Gaunt­let comics, Thanos does this be­cause it is tasked upon him by the Mis­tress Death, who does so be­cause the num­ber of liv­ing things in the uni­verse has ex­ceeded the num­ber that have died. How­ever, it’s un­cer­tain (and highly un­likely) that the up­com­ing film will draw too much of its main plot from the comics.

In­stead, the MCU’S In­fin­ity War will likely forge its own arc while tak­ing some comic in­flu­ences, pick­ing up from where Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War, Thor: Rag­narok, Spi­der­man: Home­com­ing, and Black Pan­ther left off.

The first of two Mcu-canon pre­lude comics of­fers the lat­est up­date on the sta­tus of Team Cap’s he­roes, who have been fugi­tives on the run af­ter be­ing freed from the un­der­wa­ter prison at the end of Civil War: Steve joins Bucky in Wakanda, where he’s ar­ranged with T’challa to have Shuri re­move his Hy­dra pro­gram­ming. Wanda and Vi­sion have with­drawn to an undis­closed lo­ca­tion to­gether. Clint is back in re­tire­ment with his fam­ily. Steve, Natasha, and Sam con­tinue to op­er­ate as a covert su­per­hero team.

We know from Home­com­ing that Tony Stark is mov­ing his head­quar­ters to the new Avengers Fa­cil­ity, and that Pe­ter Parker now has a new Iron Spi­der-like suit. Rhodes is pre­sum­ably re­cov­er­ing from his in­jury in Civil War. We know from Thor: Rag­narok that Stephen Strange is sit­ting pretty in the Sanc­tum Sanc­to­rum in New York, and that both Thor and The Hulk are on a ship headed back to Earth (be­fore be­ing in­ter­cepted by Thanos’s ship, the Sanc­tu­ary II, in the post-cred­its).

So there’s ob­vi­ously a lot of ground to cover in In­fin­ity War, with over 60 MCU char­ac­ters (72, ac­cord­ing to a re­cent in­ter­view with Chris Hemsworth) to shuf­fle around and ro­tate. But con­sid­er­ing that the film is un­der the ca­pa­ble di­rec­tion of Joe and Anthony Russo, who also made the last two Cap­tain Amer­ica films, we’re not wor­ried about the movie de­liv­er­ing on its prom­ise of great­ness. We’re more wor­ried about the Avengers them­selves, and whether or not they’ll all make it out of this next in­stall­ment alive.

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