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1 Hor­monal ther­apy* For Fol­li­cle Stim­u­la­tion.

At the be­gin­ning of the wo­man’s men­strual cy­cle, blood tests and a base­line ul­tra­sound are con­ducted to eval­u­ate her hor­mone lev­els, the anatomy of her uterus, as well as the num­ber of fol­li­cles (the sacs that pro­duce egg cells) present in her ovaries.

If ev­ery­thing is fine, doc­tors pre­scribe hor­mones to stim­u­late the fol­li­cles to pro­duce more than the nor­mal amount of eggs the pa­tient pro­duces per cy­cle—be­cause the more they har­vest, the higher the pa­tient’s chances of get­ting preg­nant.

The med­i­ca­tion can be self­ad­min­is­tered, typ­i­cally through in­jec­tion. The pa­tient takes the hor­mones for about a week and doc­tors can change doses, if needed, to achieve the ideal fol­li­cle growth rate. Com­mon side ef­fects in­clude: headaches, nau­sea, and bloat­ing, though such symp­toms usu­ally dis­ap­pear dur­ing the next cy­cle.

2 egg and Sperm re­trieval.

Once the fol­li­cles are big enough, the eggs will be re­trieved through a transvagi­nal probe that suc­tions them out of the ovaries. This out­pa­tient pro­ce­dure only takes 10 to 15 min­utes. The man’s sperm will also be col­lected, and fer­til­iza­tion will hap­pen on the same day.

3 Fer­til­iza­tion.

In the test tube or petri dish, the egg and sperm are left to fer­til­ize nat­u­rally. In cases where the sperm are un­able to fer­til­ize the egg on their own, doc­tors re­sort to in­tra­cy­to­plas­mic sperm in­jec­tion (ICSI), in which a sin­gle sperm is in­serted di­rectly into the egg us­ing a nee­dle.

4 em­bryo trans­fer.

Re­sult­ing em­bryos are cul­tured for about two to five days, un­til they be­come multi-celled bod­ies. Then they are trans­ferred to the wo­man’s uterus, where they will hope­fully im­plant. The pa­tients are asked to come back some days later to un­dergo a clin­icbased preg­nancy test.

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