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I love my smart­phone’s cam­era. I’ve loved it ever since I got one years ago, and it’s helped me cap­ture years of ran­dom mem­o­ries that would have oth­er­wise been lost – snap­shots of my life when I didn’t have a “proper” cam­era with me. Those lit­tle mo­ments when un­ex­pected, happy things hap­pened, when I never ex­pected them.

And I love how to­day’s smart­phone cam­eras are so much bet­ter than they used to be. From more megapix­els to op­ti­cal im­age sta­bi­liza­tion to 4K video. Wow. Good times.

But, the truth is, they’re still not great, when com­pared to a mod­ern dig­i­tal cam­era with a large sen­sor. These “proper” cam­eras pro­duce im­age qual­ity that still runs cir­cles around what smart­phones can do.

It breaks my heart when I see peo­ple us­ing their smart­phones to take pho­tos of im­por­tant events, like a big fam­ily din­ner or an over­seas va­ca­tion. It’s judg­men­tal I know. But speak­ing from per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence, I have hun­dreds of grainy, dark, low-res­o­lu­tion smart­phone cam­era pho­tos where I wish I’d brought my cam­era and used that in­stead.

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