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Text by If you’re al­ready us­ing Net­flix for a hand­ful of shows, this en­hance­ment guide is for you. There’s a fair bit of good stuff that Net­flix has and doesn’t of­fer up­front, but that can be eas­ily fixed when you have ac­cess to these add-ons. No, we aren’t by­pass­ing any li­cens­ing laws to get you to a show you want; we’re show­ing you how to get ac­cess to good shows on your cur­rent cat­a­log.

Some of these add-ons re­quire slight tin­ker­ing on your end, so ex­er­cise dis­cre­tion and healthy web-surf­ing habits if you want to get them to work smoothly.


If you’re a sea­soned Net­flix user, you’ve most likely read or heard about how Net­flix ac­tu­ally has se­cret gen­res or cat­e­gories for their shows. As a viewer, we have our own tastes, so it’s bet­ter (for us) to know what shows are avail­able in a spe­cific cat­e­gory that caters to our lik­ing. Net­flix Su­per Browse is an ex­ten­sion for Chrome and Fire­fox web browsers, and it “un­locks” said hid­den cat­e­gories.

In­stal­la­tion is sim­ple: If you’re on Chrome, sim­ply go to the Chrome ex­ten­sion store and search for the add-on. Click on the “Add To Chrome” but­ton when you find the ex­ten­sion. Restart your browser when done.

Go back to your Net­flix, and you’ll no­tice that your orig­i­nal Browse but­ton is now next to a brand new Su­per Browse op­tion. Tucked within is a list of gen­res hand­picked by the ex­ten­sion maker, cov­er­ing im­por­tant sub­sec­tions with­out clut­ter­ing the op­tion with the en­tire list of hid­den cat­e­gories.

If the ex­ten­sion isn’t work­ing for you, try re­in­stalling it. Some ad-block­ers are also not com­pat­i­ble with Net­flix Su­per Browse, so switch ad-blocker ex­ten­sions if you re­ally want this add-on.

If you do not want to in­stall any ex­ten­sions, sim­ply use a web­site equiv­a­lent to do the same search. One good ex­am­ple would be net­flix­codes.me, where you can click on the genre code on the right-side col­umn, bring­ing you to that Net­flix genre on a new tab. The web­site lists all gen­res (with some re­peats), pro­vid­ing the full list at a glance.

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