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HWM (Philippines) - - Test - By Ch­ester Labaco

ASUS has been known for their qual­ity gam­ing pe­riph­er­als such as the ROG Clay­more and the ROG Gla­dius gam­ing mouse. Their au­dio de­part­ment, how­ever, isn’t as known com­pared to their in­put pe­riph­er­als. They aim to change that with the ASUS ROG Cen­tu­rion.

7.1 sur­round sound has been all the hub­bub in the gam­ing space the past few years. ASUS tries to de­tract to all that by of­fer­ing a true 7.1 ex­pe­ri­ence with the Cen­tu­rion. Other sur­round sound head­sets only use vir­tual sur­round sound where the 7.1 ca­pa­bil­ity of the head­set is only gained through soft­ware. Cen­tu­rion, how­ever, does have ten in­di­vid­ual driv­ers to de­liver a true or ana­log 7.1 sur­round sound ex­pe­ri­ence (much like Cooler Mas­ter’s Sirus S head­set). Due to this, the head­set is a bit heavy but its leatherette ear cups and head­band do a good job of dis­tribut­ing the weight all over your head. It also comes with an ex­tra velour ear pads just in case you pre­fer those.

Strangely enough, the head­set does not use a tra­di­tional 3.5mm jack or even a S/PDIF con­nec­tion. In­stead, the head­set has an HDMI con­nec­tion. Don’t worry though, the Cen­tu­rion comes with a DAC/AMP combo. The DAC has all the con­trols to fine tune your ex­pe­ri­ence with the Cen­tu­rion. You can in­di­vid­u­ally set each driver’s vol­ume for your own per­son­al­ized au­dio ex­pe­ri­ence. You can also hook up your 5.1 sur­round sound system to the de­vice since it comes with a HDMI to 3.5mm speaker split­ter ca­ble.

ASUS has been push­ing RGB light­ing to most of their prod­ucts nowa­days. Un­for­tu­nately, the Cen­tu­rion only comes with red light­ing with only steady and breath­ing as its modes.

With its 7.1 true sur­round ca­pa­bi­il­ity, we de­cided to play some games first to see how the ROG head­set will per­form.

With Bliz­zard’s hit shooter, Over­watch, lo­cat­ing en­e­mies be­came much eas­ier with the Cen­tu­rion. Pin­point­ing en­e­mies be­came a non-is­sue with its 7.1 sur­round. We can clearly hear where Sol­dier 76’s shots are com­ing from as well as where Zeny­atta’s orbs are be­ing thrown. The in­di­vid­ual con­trols for the driv­ers also be­came handy in case we needed to tone down the vol­ume of the driv­ers when­ever we ex­pe­ri­ence sen­sory over­load when play­ing in­tense matches. Au­dio qual­ity with mu­sic is sur­pris­ingly good. As with most gam­ing head­sets, how­ever, bass and mids are much more no­tice­able than the higher notes in songs. When it’s 7.1 sur­round is ac­ti­vated, it does give off a “live” feel­ing to songs.

It is rather un­for­tu­nate that the ROG Cen­tu­rion only comes with red light­ing, but its per­for­mance both in games and mu­sic more than makes up for its short­com­ings.

CON­CLU­SION The price might be a turn off for some peo­ple, es­pe­cially for au­dio­philes, but the ASUS ROG Cen­tu­rion’s per­for­mance both in games and mu­sic makes up for its short­com­ings.

The ROG Cen­tu­rion comes with its own DAC/AMP that con­trols ev­ery sin­gle driver in the head­set.

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