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HWM (Philippines) - - Test - By Ch­ester Labaco

GAM­DIAS has been steadily gain­ing pop­u­lar­ity after they of­fi­cially en­tered the mar­ket back in 2016. Their cat­a­logue of Greek-in­spired gam­ing pe­riph­er­als has also pro­lif­er­ated in the lo­cal mar­ket from their low-end to high-end de­vices. We’ve taken a look at one of their RGB key­boards in the form of the Her­mes P1 RGB, but it is time to move on and see what they of­fer in the au­dio de­part­ment with the Hebe M1 RGB.

Aside from the head­set, there’s noth­ing in­side the box, we mean noth­ing. Ev­ery­thing has been in­cluded in the head­set it­self. It would have been nice if GAM­DIAS in­cluded a USB ca­ble extension just in case the built-in ca­ble was not long enough for your PC.

The Hebe M1 does not have any mov­ing parts aside from the head­band, mi­cro­phone, and the driv­ers. This makes it sur­pris­ingly rigid de­spite its light­weight build.

The head­set’s head­band is soft and flex­i­ble and will fit most head shapes with­out any prob­lems. The clamp­ing force, how­ever, is a bit loose, which makes noise iso­la­tion more min­i­mal com­pared to other gam­ing head­sets avail­able in the mar­ket. The is­sue with the noise iso­la­tion is fur­ther ham­pered by the lack of any swivel ad­just­ments in the cups. As the name sug­gests, the Hebe M1 RGB is RGB­ca­pable. You can’t ac­tu­ally con­trol the light­ing of the head­set aside from turn­ing it on and off. While turned on, it will only cy­cle be­tween sev­eral col­ors.

As with most gam­ing head­sets, we played some games first to see how the GAM­DIAS Hebe M1 RGB will func­tion com­pared to other gam­ing head­sets. With the Hebe M1 RGB’S 7.1 sur­round ca­pa­bil­ity, Over­watch be­came eas­ier and more en­joy­able to play. Aware­ness of the en­emy team’s po­si­tion­ing is not just based on sight alone. Au­dio is also im­por­tant in track­ing the en­emy team. With the Hebe M1 RGB, we were able to hear Reind­hardt’s ar­mor clank­ing through the walls so our team can easily flank the en­emy team. Even Genji’s fast move­ment can’t save him if we are able to out ma­neu­ver him and cut off his es­cape route by listening closely to his faint foot­steps.

The Hebe M1 RGB does have down­falls such as the lack of swivel ad­just­ment, short ca­ble, po­si­tion of the in-line con­troller, the non­con­trol­lable RGB light­ing, and most im­por­tantly, the mid­dling mu­si­cal per­for­mance. De­spite these, the head­set does well in the area it mat­ters most: gam­ing. The 7.1 sur­round helped us in im­mers­ing our­selves in the game. If you are look­ing for a head­set that you’ll use ex­clu­sively for gam­ing, don’t be afraid to try these cans.

CON­CLU­SION De­spite its many down­falls, the GAM­DIAS Hebe M1 RGB does well in the area it mat­ters most: gam­ing. If you’re look­ing for a head­set ex­clu­sively for gam­ing, give these cans a try.

The side of the earcups does light up in RGB but you don’t have any con­trol over the light­ing.

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