King of the Drag Strip:

Dodge De­mon

HWM (Philippines) - - Showcase - By Kenny Yeo

Quick trivia ques­tion. Can you name the fastest pro­duc­tion car to com­plete the quar­ter mile? Right now, you are prob­a­bly think­ing if it is the new Bu­gatti Ch­i­ron, or maybe it is the Fer­rari Lafer­rari or the Porsche 918 spy­der but you would be wrong. the fastest pro­duc­tion car to com­plete the quar­ter mile is ac­tu­ally the Dodge De­mon.

the Dodge De­mon is what you get when you give a Dodge Chal­lenger steroids and send it to the gym. Let’s work through some of the im­pres­sive things the De­mon can do. It ac­cel­er­ates from 0 to 100kph in just 2.3 sec­onds and will pull 1.8g in the process. 0-160kph hap­pens in just 5.1 sec­onds. These fig­ures are all un­matched by any pro­duc­tion car. 9.65 sec­onds later, the De­mon would have com­pleted the quar­ter-mile, again un­matched by any other pro­duc­tion car.

Achiev­ing this feat re­quires se­ri­ous horse­power and the De­mon has just that. Its 6.2L su­per­charged V8 pro­duces a stag­ger­ing 840hp and 1040nm of torque. Power is noth­ing with­out con­trol, so to help the De­mon put its in­cred­i­ble power down onto the tar­mac, it is the first pro­duc­tion car to come fit­ted with su­per sticky drag ra­dial tires. If you are still look­ing for that 10-sec­ond car, this is it.

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