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HWM (Philippines) - - Contents - By Nestor Domingo Jr.

Of all the au­dio equip­ment brands in the world, JBL is no ques­tion one of the most re­sound­ing one the world ever have to­day. And why not? From am­pli­fiers to loud­speak­ers, this au­dio elec­tron­ics firm has been a res­onat­ing one to hear in both pro­fes­sional and con­sumer mar­kets.

And with the ad­vent of mo­bile and wire­less tech­nol­ogy that is sweep­ing and con­tin­u­ing to pen­e­trate the world­wide mar­ket full of por­ta­ble au­dio af­fi­ciona­dos, JBL just went on board and rolling on the road with a speaker in­tended for some of car au­dio-less ve­hi­cles called the JBL Trip.

The Trip can func­tion in an in­stant by sim­ply hav­ing Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity with your smart­phone. not even a step and has­sles of in­stal­la­tion is re­quired. it con­nects eas­ily with both An­droid and iphone de­vices, but hardly with a Win­dows phone and lap­top. But since they are ba­si­cally in­tended for smart­phones (specif­i­cally, the two pop­u­lar mo­bile Oses), i quite un­der­stand where this speaker is com­ing from. Still it didn’t help that JBL only sports a USB port that is in­tended for charg­ing and no au­dio jacks were present for a wired kind of al­ter­na­tive in­put.

Some­how, JBL pro­vides the quite-bal­anced for­mula of highs, low, and kicks, which sounds good in ei­ther closed or open ve­hi­cles, with the all-tre­ble setup speaker on the left and bass-dom­i­nated on the right, plus ex­clu­sive patented noise-can­celling tech­nol­ogy

it’s not just a sim­ple play­back speaker for your au­di­tory plea­sure. The Trip has an­other rea­son why it lived up to the role of be­ing a travel com­pan­ion: that is to serve its com­mu­ni­ca­tion func­tion. This small wire­less speaker can be one’s vir­tual as­sis­tant by means of Siri and Google now, and it can be ei­ther mounted or just placed atop of the com­part­ment or any­where in the dash­board as long as it doesn’t re­ally dis­tract you from driv­ing.

How­ever, the Trip’s main but­tons ap­pear to con­fuse the hell out of me some­times. it could be highly sen­si­tive on a ran­dom mo­ment while the next time around, it re­quires press­ing in a sort of pre­cise fash­ion. ei­ther it changes con­stantly to the ex­tent of con­fu­sion re­gard­ing its user­friendly ex­pe­ri­ence, or one must learn that the power but­ton (when pressed lightly) is al­ter­nately serv­ing as its key se­cu­rity but­ton. you bet­ter hope you re­mem­ber your press­ing his­tory while us­ing this speaker.

The JBL Trip is a promis­ing jour­ney com­pan­ion with the tech­nol­ogy it boasts. But that said, it also – and def­i­nitely – needs some is­sues on func­tions and porta­bil­ity so peo­ple can re­ally get its worth.

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