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HWM (Philippines) - - Test - By Nestor Domingo Jr.

The Gam­dias Her­mes E2 7 Color is a gam­ing key­board that poises to be one of the best of­fer­ings out there. Look­ing at its de­sign and func­tion­al­ity, it’s not that hard to see why. In fact, this Gam­dias key­board is re­mark­able that even if it is quite lack­ing due to its con­ven­tional ten-key lay­out, it comes with sev­eral fea­tures that em­power any­one to take any chal­lenge, from 50 mil­lion key-press life­cy­cle, n-key rollover, Wasd-ar­row key swap, Win­dows key dis­able, to all-key lock and ded­i­cated mul­ti­me­dia keys.

The Her­mes E2 7 Color pro­duces bril­liant il­lu­mi­na­tion, thanks to its Neon Light Spec­trum which can change to up to seven col­ors, and spar­ing any­one from com­mit­ting any pos­si­ble er­rors while us­ing the key­board in ei­ther a dimmed or no-light set­ting. Apart from be­ing func­tional, the neon back­light col­ors have aes­thetic value for gamers, es­pe­cially for those who are fans of Rgb-lit builds.

The Her­mes E2 7 Color key­board looks like a stan­dard key­board, just mi­nus the num­ber pad. That said, it is smaller than a typ­i­cal key­board. It is made of hard plas­tic ma­te­rial, and even if you ac­ci­den­tally re­moved one of the but­tons, it is still easy to reat­tach them. While it ap­pears that there are no mul­ti­me­dia but­tons on it, the Her­mes E2 7 Color ac­tu­ally has six of them. They can be ac­ti­vated by us­ing the Fn key lo­cated at the bot­tom left por­tion of the key­board.

Snaking from Her­mes E2 7 Color is a 1.5m-long USB cord that is lengthy enough so that users can con­ve­niently place it any­where on their desk­top or even on their lap. A plu­gand-play de­vice, no ad­di­tional soft­ware is re­quired to make it work prop­erly with one’s gam­ing rig.

While the Her­mes E2 7 Color is a gam­ing key­board, I ad­mit that I used it more of­ten on writ­ing ar­ti­cles. And if you’re not re­ally an­noyed by the loud click­ing sounds it pro­duces, this me­chan­i­cal key­board can be re­ally a good fit for your needs and wants. But when it comes to gam­ing, it’s hands down a choice. The Her­mes E2 7 Color is one of the best key­boards to try. It quickly re­sponds on com­mands and has an anti-ghost­ing key­board tech­nol­ogy with n-key rollover. Its whop­ping life­cy­cle of 50 mil­lion key­strokes (per Gam­dias’s claim) could prove that the Her­mes E2 7 Color is pos­si­bly among the longest­stand­ing ones that you can get for a key­board of any pur­pose.

From the solid build to its fea­tures, the Gam­dias Her­mes E2 7 Color is a gam­ing key­board that is all set to de­liver a world of both sat­is­fac­tory gam­ing and nongam­ing ex­pe­ri­ences with­out the need of spend­ing a lot.

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