Gam­dias hebe E1 rgb

Im­mer­sive Lis­ten­ing

HWM (Philippines) - - Test - By Nestor Domingo Jr.

Apart from de­liv­er­ing stun­ning key­boards and pe­riph­er­als in­tended for gam­ing, Gam­dias also man­u­fac­tures head­sets that are de­signed to make the gam­ing ex­pe­ri­ence more im­mer­sive. One ex­am­ple: the Gam­dias Hebe E1 RGB.

The Hebe E1 RGB sports a cir­cum­au­ral cup de­sign that fits com­pletely the ears of its user, thus set­ting for a more in-depth ex­pe­ri­ence of hear­ing. Its head­band is ex­tremely wide and ex­pand­able, so com­fort should never be an is­sue.

In­side the cups lie 40mm drivers which let the Hebe E1 RGB ef­fec­tively ren­ders a range of sounds, from pro­found bass to well-de­fined highs. This head­set might be a good kind of per­sonal au­dio de­vice for you, un­less you have is­sues with seat­ing. Still, it proves how tight this prod­uct can be when it comes to those bass-driven songs and in-game ex­plo­sions. While the tre­ble may sound a bit too high af­ter play­ing some songs, the Hebe E1 RGB also proved how clear the au­dio can be heard through it. The in-line vol­ume con­troller could also help in set­ting the level of sound, as well as the tone and mood ac­cord­ing to your pref­er­ence. So that at least, the Hebe E1 RGB spares you from hear­ing loud or drub­bing sound that could hurt your ears for quite some time.

Hebe E1 RGB’S cups are up­hol­stered with muffs that are so soft and squishy, pro­vid­ing ad­e­quate com­fort for the ears of its user. I can barely at­test to that af­ter wear­ing the head­phones and just hear­ing the sound for quite a few hours. It also helps that through its cov­eted de­sign, the Hebe E1 RGB has also given the abil­ity to block am­bi­ent noise.

The built-in mi­cro­phone could do a bit bet­ter, though by plac­ing it closer to the mouth, and that’s prob­a­bly the hard­est part for hav­ing a di­rec­tional model. How­ever, with its mi­cro­phone cord reach­ing 5mm long, the con­cern could have its rem­edy, plus the noise­can­celling func­tion and the smart con­troller are help­ful.

An­other pos­si­ble down­side is that it re­quires you to have two 3.5mm au­dio jacks, which might be­come an is­sue if your PC setup has only one head­phone-mi­cro­phone combo port.

Of course, how can you for­get one of the most vis­i­ble fea­tures of the Hebe E1 RGB, the RGB light­ing? Sure, it may only have one power switch and lack more spec­i­fied il­lu­mi­nati­ing con­trols, but it’s just fine.

With the price of PHP 2,590, the Gam­dias Hebe E1 RGB is a head­set that proves how the brand is liv­ing to its se­ries of of­fer­ings, and that is to pro­vide qual­ity prod­ucts for a more wal­let-friendly price. Con­sider this for a good steal.

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