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TECHNOLOGY giant Google wowed the world when it first opened its offices many years ago. Gone are the usual gray walls and boring interiors. What people saw were colorful buildings, playrooms, cafeteria with free food, and sleeping quarters. Today, the sleeping quarters have mutated into sleeping pods and the “cafeteria” now serves international cuisine.

Google has consistently made the list of best companies to work for.

The sprawling campus boasts of lush vegetation and wide open spaces. Employees get around the 3,200-hectare property with colorful-a Google signature-bikes or electric cars.

Google is one of those output based companies where people can find employees arriving from a soccer match around 3 p.m. In the normal corporate setting, 3 p.m. is office hours and people are expected to be in front of their computers beating deadlines.

Some can see employees working under a tree sitting in comfy chairs or just outside their buildings.

The campus also has tennis and volleyball courts.

The company prides itself of promoting diversity. Its current chief executive officer Sundar Pichai has Indian roots and worked his way up Google’s leadership ladder with projects like Google Chrome.

"We want all nationalities represented and show that there is so much diversity in the company,” said Gail Tan, country communications manager of Google Philippines.

Filipinos visitors at the ’Plex will find a food truck that serves the famous Pinoy dish, Adobo. The Adobo A-Go-Go food truck is located just a few meters from the cafeteria.

Some of the buildings have laundry rooms and there’s food in every building. The reason is, as Tan put it, to avoid distractions among employees so the company put almost everything they needed in one location.

For some tourists, the highlight of the tour is the visit to the Android Lawn Statues, where all versions of its operating systems are represented. It’s every Android fan’s playground. Each version of the OS are named after anything sweet such as Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Marshmallow, and the latest is Nougat.

Tourists from downtown San Francisco can take a train or bus to go to Mountain View. From the station, they can take Uber or a private car to reach Google HQ.

THE ANDROID Lawn Statues is one of the highlights of the tour at Google HQ.

ADOBO Go-Go food truck serves most famous Filipino dish: adobo.

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