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Inquirer Libre - Davao - - SHOWBUZZ - By Nestor U. Torre Inquirer Entertainment columnist

SOME viewers dismiss watching television as a monumental waste of time, but we beg to disagree, especially when our recent daylong “surfing” saga yielded more than the usual number of eminently valuable TV shows.

A TV show we learned a lot from watching was an adventure in further exploring the still murky

origins of mankind’s evolution, from ape to homo sapiens.

Apparently, there’s a particularly fuzzy link from “hominid” to human, so the recent discovery that the TV science special chronicled is regarded as a major find—and illumination.

As the scientists involved narrated it, they were first tipped off about the find when one of their field researchers excitedly told them that he had “stumbled” onto a very deep and tight crevice in a cave that appeared to contain some “very old” bones.

The scientists analyzed the videotaped “evidence” from the site and decided to fund a threeweek exhibition to excise and extract as many bones as possible for detailed analysis, to determine if they were hominid, humanoid, homo or human.

The mission was made exceedingly difficult by the depth and tightness of the drop down to the newly discovered cache of bones.

So, the scientists had to look for “really thin and small” assistants to do the actual entry and excision of fossils!

Despite the many difficulties and hindrances, the expedition turned out to be a really significant one, because it led to the discovery of a new branch in mankind’s evolving “family tree”—from ape to human!

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