Cherry Pie Picache ‘pained’ by death penalty revival

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CHERRY Pie Picache expressed her dismay in a social media post over the Congress’ proposal to revive death penalty.

In her lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, the actress-screenwriter reprimanded public officials who passed the measure and called on others not to support “anti-poor” and “antilife” policies.

“Received this news today. Ang sakit sa puso at ulo!” (It’s painful for the heart and head.) she began. “Bakit ba gustong-gusto niyo ang kultura ng karahasan, pagpatay, galit….bakit?”(Why do you guys fancy the culture of violence, killings, anger…why?)

She added, “The majority bloc [congressmen] just wants it passed, period. And they want it fast..As it is among the campaign promises of the incumbent President.”

To invigorate her arguments, Picache asserted that the Catholic Church, chiefly bishops, should influence the Congress to reverse its position on death penalty. “We are requesting our Bishops to make a more forceful stand against the death penalty as it is also an anti-life measure just like the Reproductive Health Law,” she fired.

“The right-minded members of congress who believe in the sanctity of human life and the dignity of every person is challenging all to stand up and resist this railroad attempt to pass this anti-life and anti-poor measure.”

Sharing pro-life sentiments, Picache previously defended fellow actress Agot Isidro, who lashed at President Rodrigo Duterte for his socalled bloody war on drugs.

“I believe that execution or death is not the means to achieve justice. Violence and death are not the way to end crimes. I’m here to express my disagreement over the extra-judicial killings,” she said back then.

Also, Picache affirmed her anti-death penalty stand when Michael Flores, the suspect who murdered and robbed her mother, Zenaida Sison, was sentenced to reclusion perpetua.

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