Tim Duncan trains in mixed martial arts

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TIM Duncan’s career as arguably one of the best forwards to ever play in the NBA may have already come to a close, but his venture into other athletic fields continues.

While showing up in the San Antonio Spurs’ facilities and practicing with his former team from time to time, the retired basketball legend has found a new calling as he trains in mixed martial arts (MMA).

His trainer, Jason Echols, recently posted a video of the now 41-year-old Duncan in action during a light kick-boxing session.

Social media was ablaze as the lanky Duncan, once utilized to terrorize opposing defenses, is now being used to throw punchand-kick combinations.

“What happens when your training partner is 7ft tall ??” Echols captioned the post.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, Echols said Duncan’s sheer size and natural athletic ability would be a handful to today’s professional fighters.

“(Duncan) would be a legit competitor, for sure,” he said. “He has a desire to learn and compete. He has the heart for it. He most definitely would be a competitor.

The veteran MMA coach also revealed he once tore his bicep during a session with the hulking athlete.

But despite his client’s combat prowess, Echols believes Duncan must keep doing MMA as a hobby rather than fight professionally one day.

“I would highly encourage him not to (fight). Being a retired Spurs player, I wouldn’t want him going out there and getting punched and kicked by some of those guys, but Tim would be a competitor,” he told the news outlet.


DUNCAN trains.

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