Davao Doctors Hospital receives Gold Accreditation from Accreditation Canada Int‘l

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THE PREMIERE hospital in Davao City obtained their Gold accreditation as its continuing effort to promote and uphold health and wellness of every Filipino goes excellent and dependable through the years. The institution is the first to acquire such prestigious accreditation in Mindanao and second in the Philippines.

One of the highlights of the collaborative press conference is the impact of international accreditation to the standing of Davao Doctors Hospital in the global promotion of health and wellness programs including best practices that regulates error in medication and the management of infection. Dr. Celia C. Castillo, the Quality Management and Accreditation Department Director emphasized the significant of standards of practices that could prevent complications to every patient. She also said that only DDH has a hand hygiene facility in every hospital room. This is a peculiar and best practice of the institution. Bundles of care are also available to promote the quality of medical services for all patients.

The President, Mr. Raymund CS. Del Val accentuated that the institution is open for benchmarking as it hopes to help other medical institution to improve for the betterment of the community. He also took pride in having a satellite in Dumoy Toril which has a world class laundry facility, the only one in the Philippines. He further stressed out that good governance is also the best quality of the administration of DDH. There are 14 member hospitals that are recipients of trainings, free medicines and equipment in return of promoting DDH. Some planned expansions are also mentioned in order to make quality medical care available to every Filipino in the most accessible way. The specific locations are Mandug and Mintal areas. The initiative of having a health card together with exciting discounts and patronage points are now available to gradually eliminate the impact of DDH brand name as Davao Dollars Hospital.

Dr. Noel A. Villanueva, a Medical Director and kidney expert talked about the specialized facility for retroviral infections which is made available in response to the great demand of people in the region. Z package from Phil Health is also initiated to provide assistance to the indigent members of the community, thus providing a F. better acce 9 ss intc o h msqeudairceal care in a broader sense. A great discount for indigent patients in terms of major surgery would be of great help to every patient who cannot afford such procedure.

Summing up all the peculiarities and excellent medical programs of the institution, one could see how efficient DDH could get in providing the medical care that everyone needs.

(From left) DR. NOEL A. Villanueva, medical director; Raymund CS. Del Val, president and CEO; Dr. Celia C. Castillo, Quality Management and Accreditation Department director

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