Liza’s turn to feistily fight and fly

Inquirer Libre - - FRONT PAGE - By Nestor U. Torre Inquirer Entertainment columnist

THE STANDOUT success of the new “Wonder Woman” film has energized the local movie industry’s efforts to build up its own roster of female heroines.

Primed to take the earliest advantage of the big, boffo film trend is the latest Darna “flying and fighting” flick, with Liza Soberano portraying the popular screen sensation.

A couple of seasons ago, it was Angel Locsin who “owned” the role, and a big, brash advance film trailer was even megged by Erik Matti to announce the blockbuster production.

Alas, Angel belatedly discovered some physical issues that prevented her from “going action,” so she had to bow out of the potential blockbuster.

How will Liza fare as Darna? She’s one of the youngest stars to essay the prized role to date, but hopes are high that this could prove to be a plus, instead of a limitation.

It’s similarly relevant to note that Darna’s alter ego, Narda, was originally limned as a very young probinsyana—so, all told, youth could be the essence.

In terms of physicality and dexterity, Liza is better known for her beauty than for her dynamism and energy, so she has a lot of work to do to build up her stamina and power moves, to make her credible as an action heroine.

We hope that she devotes a lot of time and effort in this regard, because as the success of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman portrayal shows, believability is everything.

It helped heaps that Gal was physically fit and even ripped, and her having been a soldier in the Israeli army gave her the “K” to pull her action scenes off with feisty and convincing force.

Since the new Darna project has already been delayed, they shouldn’t hurry up its preproduction process, and start shooting only when Liza feels and looks fully up to it’s physical demands.

Viewers are also interested in the rest of the new movie’s stellar cast, especially who’s going to be cast in the plum role of Darna’s prime nemesis, the Snake Woman, Valentina.

Some fans are batting for Anne Curtis to play the part, but our bet is Denise Laurel, because she can radiate a genuine sense of utter evil. Who’s your choice?

As for the other second-lead role of Narda’s kid-sidekick, Ding, we suspect that Xymon Pineda, Onyok in Ang Probin

syano, could end up being “it.” And, what about Darna/Narda’s love interest? Yes, Enrique Gil is “identified” with Liza—but, for freshness and variety’s sake, we trust that greater creativity in casting will transpire.

It all depends on how the new Darna “chapter’s” story goes, of course—but, all things being equal, a new and buff leading man for Liza could be just the cherry on the icing on the new Darna production’s cake that would make it—really choice and yummy. What about Tristan Ramirez?


LIZA religiously prepares for the iconic role.

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