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Sending a child to school is no walk in the park as many Filipino parents can attest, especially with the recent opening of classes for some schools this June. Tuition fees increase each year in addition to the many miscellaneous school-related expenses. Colgate, the Oral Care brand most recommended by Dentists*, understands this concern and continues to provide scholarships and financial aid to Filipino students, helping them attain a brighter, better future that they can look forward to and smile about. Two Filipino fathers, Michael and Joey, recently shared how the Colgate Scholarship Promo helped eased their burden of providing for the needs of the families. Life’s hardships prevented Michael Martinez from finishing college. He chose to work as a disc jockey (DJ) at the early age of 15 to help provide for his family’s needs. Now that he has a family of his own, he promised himself that he would work hard to see his children finish their studies. The eldest child of Michael and his wife Jennylyn is a boy, now aged 8. Five years after their son was born, they welcomed twin daughters. Although overjoyed, Michael was overwhelmed with anxiety thinking about the daunting task of saving up for his children’s education. Through the encouragement of his mother, Michael joined the Colgate Scholarship Promo 2016. He was one of the lucky 25 who brought home PHP 100,000. “Winning the Colgate Scholarship Promo was an answered prayer for us. This is a huge help for the school expenses of my children, especially now that we’re expecting our three year old daughters to start schooling in a year’s time,” Michael said. “My dream is for my children to achieve what I failed to accomplish – that is to finish their studies. I cannot express how thankful I am to Colgate for helping our family.” Like Michael, Joey Aventura was surprised when he found out he was one of the winners of the scholarship grant from Colgate. As a single father, he works as a production crew member of one of the biggest bake shops in the country. This is how he supports the schooling of his son, Ian Carlo, who will enter Grade 7 at a public elementary school in Zamboanga city this school year. “Ian Carlo has been using the same bag and uniform for years. I know this may seem like a trivial matter to other people, but it was a big encouragement for him to have new school supplies,” Joey shared. “Since we won the grant from Colgate, I was able to buy a bag, school supplies and a brand new set of uniforms for my son. I can see how excited he is now to go to school. I am grateful to Colgate for being my ally in helping my son achieve his dream of becoming a civil engineer someday.” This 2017, Colgate aims to help more families through the Colgate Scholarship Promo. Colgate sets its eye on giving the Filipino family a future they can smile about. Like what Michael and Joey said, education is the most important thing a parent can pass on to their children. With the return of the Colgate Scholarship Promo this 2017, 30 families have the chance to win a PHP 100,000 scholarship fund, among other exciting prizes. Check out the Colgate Philippines’ Facebook page to find out the full details of the Colgate Scholarship Promo 2017. Promo period is from April 3 to September 3, 2017, as per DOH-FDA CCRR Permit No. 818 s. 2016. * IPSOS Dentist Recommendation Survey 2016

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