Kris naimbyerna sa usapang sweldo ng household staff

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KRIS Aquino was miffed when a netizen insinuated she might not be paying her household staff appropriately.

Nang i-post ito ng netizen: “Bincai is your household staff. Do you pay her at least $10.50/ hr which is the minimum wage in NC. Per labor law beyond 40 hrs is time and a half. My Q is not even whether you can afford, but of course you can. My question is are you required to abide. #curious&nosy,” Kris was infuriated that she instantly retorted.

“I saw those papers when we applied for her US Visa, fyi her 10 year multiple entry visa is attached to mine & I am her guarantor… I’m a very fair boss & I’m feeling the negativity from you so this will be long: Bincai flew business class w/ us, I gave her clothing allowance before we flew here so she’d be pre- pared for the cold & I gave her a lot of my sweaters because lucky for her we are the same size… upon arriving here, Bincai had the $ salary as stipulated in the contract I signed w/her to present to the US Embassy as a supporting document. I am offended by your question because there is an implication that it is intended to make me appear like a clueless & selfish employer –so I shall add more details – staff at homer eceived their 13th month pay in June, we deposit in their ATM account their salary every 10th– but because my sons & I left, everybody received their salary 10 days in advance. Those working for us for 1 year or more will receive their 14th month pay this November. Your insinuations were insulting BUT I’ve always believed when the truth is on my side I should be vocal in defending my dignity… Bing nosy about other people’s financial practices in my opinion isn’t proper especially when you just want to bring me down. I was also nosy & checked your account although it is on private but there were details – fo someone who is a clinical coordinator in Yale New Haven Health the type of comment you sent my way seemed to be a bad match for someone in a position that requires trust and discretion.”

‘Yan ang mahabang sagot ni Kris.

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