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1. Sleeps the whole night with soft classical music playing combined with deep sleep inducing & REM music

2. 13 pillows in her bed

3. Diffuses lavender or chamomile based essential oil and blend for two hours starting 30 minutes before bed time

4. Spends 2.5 hours reading newspapers, magazines, or books on apps

5. Handwrites birthday, thank you, and get well cards. Buys uy most of her greeting cards from Japan or Papyrus in the US.

6. Drinks only warm or hot water.

7. Loves buying, receiving blankets, quilts, comforters, duvet covers, shawls, sweaters, hoodies and anything else that will keep her warm.

8. Loves to stay in her room or wing

9. Loves to eat from the rolling tray.

10. Has her complete pantry and vintage style refrigerator in her walk-in closet that is connected to her room via the bathroom.—

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