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ANG sabi sa mga up-and-coming stars ay hindi makukumpleto ang kanilang pagiging artista kung di sila masisigawan, masasampal o masasabunutan ni Cherie Gil.

Cherie's name has become synonymous with prima kontrabida in the entertainment biz kaya naman one should be lucky kapag siya ang umapi sa iyo.Cherie unleashes her power anew in GMA 7’s primetime series, “Onanay.” Superstar Nora Aunor is also part of the show. Cherie and Ate Guy’s scenes together could very well serve as a masterclass for bida/kontrabida wannabes.

Here’s Dollywood's Cherie: chat with

What’s the bestandtoughest part of being an Eigenmann?

The best is being a part of acting royaltyandthatmakesmeveryproud. Nothing is so tough for us anymore, except sometimes for the family dramas that we have to thresh out ourselves like all other families. The hard part ishowtokeepit contained within us, being public figures. My mom has alwaysadvisedmenevertowashdirty laundry in public. I’d like the family to be remembered for our work and not because of what happens in our private lives.

What do you love most about working with Ate Guy?

She is easy to work with. She doesn’t intimidate. Simple and totoong tao, walang arte. When she makes a mistake, she humbly apologizes, as if she doesn’t think we’re glad she did make a mistake so we will realize that an icon like her is also human, after all (laughs). It makes me less nervous.

How do you handle it when you have scenes with ham actors?

I give them a long sungit look and make sure they know I’m annoyed. I’m sorry I don’t have patience, unless I see potential [in them].

How do you feel about your show being pitted against yourmom’sshow on ABS-CBN?

I don’t feel a thing about it. I’m happy my mom’s back to work, continuing with what she knows best and enjoying it, as well.


Well, I think I’ve hit the gene pool jackpot. Asidefromkeepingactiveand giving time to de-stress and party, I always surround myself with positive, beautiful, loving people. When I’m stressed, I stay away from them. Or I reach out tothemanddragthemwith me to do fun, crazy things and go on an adventure. I love to laugh a lot, too, and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Among all the characters you’ve portrayed, which one is the most memorable?

I’d say Kano from “City After Dark” becauseIplayedalesbiandrugpusher under Ishmael Bernal’s directorship.

Trining of “Oro Plata Mata,” of course, [because] it was an epic by Peque Gallaga, who specially wrote the role for me.

And of course, Lavinia Arguelles [of “Bituing Walang Ningning”], … perhaps you know why by now.

How do you feel about your niece Andi’s decision to sell all her luxurious stuff to live a simple life in Siargao?

I don’t blame her (laughs). II’’ ve done tthe ssame once and II’’llll do iitt agaiin …’… We arre Eiigenmannss,, whiich meanss “’“my own man”’” iin Gerrman.. We dance tto tthe beatt off ourr drrum..


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