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COOL sigurong maging parents sina Iya Villania-Arellano and her hubby, Drew. They make marriage and parenting look so easy!

The Arellano family’s adventures, which they post on social media, clearly show how they reinvent fun. Coolness runs in their family.

How would you handle it if your sons had some sort of sibling rivalry?

I’ll try to make sure I raise them both with so much love for each other that, at the end of the day, they learn to appreciate and respect each other’s strengths.

What comes first to you, being a wife, mom or TV host?

Yikes! Although I know it’s so easy to prioritize the kids, I want to prioritize be- ing a wife because Drew and I are a team. We need to have a strong foundation to lead the family well.

Did you ever experience postpartum blues?

I did, with Primo. It was mainly from exhaustion, so when I finally accepted that I couldn’t do it all onmyown and got the help of a night nurse, it put me in a better place, physically and mentally. Then, I was OK.

What’s the toughest part of marriage and motherhood?

It’s finding the right bal- ance. You can take care of the kids. But the truth is, your husband needs love and care, too.

Any struggle that you two have as a married couple?

The challenge is being able to give each other time. So, we make sure we find time for activities that we can do together.

What’s your unsolicited advice to newlyweds?

Enjoy traveling together for two years before having kids. Don’t wait too long to have kids, because it doesn’t happen so easily for others.

What motherhood lessons have you learned from raising Primo that still apply to Leon?

I’ll be the same loving, patient but firm, silly mom.

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