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THIS year could be dubbed as a year of desserts. Napakaraming bago lately at ang iba naman ay spin-off ng mga nakagisnan nating Pinoy desserts. Marami rin ay direct imports na sikat na internationally. Here's the top 17 sweet treats that made it to our list this year:

1 Matcha anything

From ice cream, cakes to milk tea, matcha certainly clicked. This famous processed green tea leaves, not exactly sweet, bittermild and is usually paired with cream, surely delights every Pinoy palette.

2 Canned chocolate cakes

Isang bagong interpretation ng favorite classic cake flavor ang in today. Smooth, velvety and melt-in-your mouth, this dessert is a true hit. Kutsara na lang ang kulang, solved na!

3 Churros

This traditional Spanish and Portuguese fried-dough pastry has made a come back. This is eaten as a snack and is usually dipped in sweet sauces like chocolate or caramel.

4 Bingsu

The Korean wave made a great impact to Pinoys— from music, drama to food. Dubbed as the Korean’s version of Pinoy’s halo- halo, Patbingsu, is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings that include fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. Varieties with ingredients other than red beans are called bingsu.

5 Baked cheese tarts

What's better than cheese? Cheese tarts! This food sensation can be eaten both as a dessert or snack. Fan favorites na nauuso are those from Baked, Lava, Pablo and many versions from Japanese groceries.

6 Convenience store cookies

Cheap, yes, pero ‘di naman tinipid sa ingredients. We heard even celebrities craved these quality cookies at nagkakaubusan daw sa stores.

7 Mango float in a cup

Have you been to malls lately and see a deluge of people lining up? Malamang ito ang pinipilahan nila. One brand in particular came from Davao and have concocted its own version. Mura at sulit din.

8 Banana pudding

This dessert generally consists of layers of sweet vanilla flavored custard, cookies and sliced fresh bananas with whipped cream or meringue. When M Bakery opened in BGC last August, grabe rin ang pila.

9 Instant buko pandan

Kung nagagawi ka sa frozen section ng groceries, aakalain mong ice cream flavor ito but lo and behold, it's instant buko pandan na kakainin na lang. Nathaniel's is one of the favorites. Few available in the market today.

10 Home-made cupcakes

Literally a one-served cake. These all-time favorites come from our friends or neighbors na di dapat dedmahin. There are toomany flavors to choose from and lately, they get even more creative.

11 Brownies

May variety na brittle at bitesized. They can be sa pasalubong shops. These brown classics are a true favorite lalo na kapag hindi masyadong matamis.

12 Milk teas

Some may not consider it a dessert, but some have it as a sweet treat right after a meal. Pwede rin snack if may pearls.

13 Cheesecake on stick

No explanation necessary.

14 Bubble waffle

Originally called egg waffle, this spherical egg-based waffle are originally popular in Hong Kong and Macau. They are usually served hot, and often eaten plain although they may be served with fruit and other flavors.

15 Soft Serve ice cream

For those who want an upgrade from their usual fastfood sundae, there are many options now in the market. Usually, Japan imported brands offer variety of flavors from cheese to green tea to tiramisu.

16 Rolled ice cream

Because eating ice cream comes in 1001 ways.

17 Milkshakes

Quoting Kelis, "my milk shake brings all the boy’s to the yard, and they're like, its better than yours." This treat now comes in so much flavor and varieties nowadays. Who said only vanilla rocks?

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