K-Zone (Philippines) - - Walkthrough -

Here’s how to block the lethal beams and ac­ti­vate the wreck­ing ball in the Sky Fortress level. First, you must head to­ward the box in the right­most cor­ner of the room. Push it a step for­ward to block the first beam. Next, hop on the plat­form to your left, where you’ll find the next box. Push it two steps back­ward un­til it drops down to the floor. Then, go to the left­most cor­ner of the room where you’ll find a box with a blink­ing right ar­row on it. Push it a step to the right and four steps for­ward. Now, re­turn to the en­trance and push the fi­nal box a step to the right, six steps for­ward, and another step to the right. Fi­nally, fol­low the coin trail, which leads up to the lever, and switch dat ball on!

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