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shaken. Dear Di­ary, safe, if a lit­tle found Papa! He's alive- cap­tive in The good news: I fi­nally it) held him no other way to de­scribe to the Beast A dread­ful Beast (there's , I con­vinced deep in the woods. Thank­fully in ex­change a cas­tle that's nes­tled to take Papa's place bad news: I of­fered re­lease my fa­ther. The Uh-oh! now I'm the Beast's pris­oner. for his free­dom, so Dear Di­ary , You won't be­lieve this, but ev­ery­thing in this cas­tle is ALIVE. No, I mean it. The ob­jects all talk-ev­ery­thing from the can­de­labra to the harp­si­chord. What sor­cery is this?! Wait, I hear the Beast com­ing. GTG! Dear Di­ary , There's more to this cas­tle than meets the eye, but I can't quite put my fin­ger on it. I'm get­ting used to the talk­ing ob­jects, though. They're ac­tu­ally pretty good com­pany , and they served me an ex­cep­tional meal tonight! Af­ter din­ner, I hung out with them in the kitchen. Chip cracked jokes and Lu­miere's laugh­ter re­ally lit up the room. If they were real peo­ple, I think we'd all be very good friends.

Take a Belle’s peek at what di­ary and see she’s been in the up to Beast’s cas­tle. Dear Di­ary, To­day the Beast saved me from vi­cious wolves in the for­est. Mrs. Potts was right. He isn't re­ally that much of a beast af­ter all... Dear Di­ary , TBH I'm start­ing to en­joy liv­ing in this cas­tle. I'm read­ing in the li­brary right now while the feather dusters sweep un­der Plumette's watch­ful eye. It's very peace­ful here. I miss Papa dearly , but I don't miss the towns­folk who al­ways teased me about be­ing a book­worm. I def­i­nitely don't miss Gas­ton, who's al­ways woo­ing me. As if I'll ever be at­tracted to him! Dear Di­ary, found this Madame de Garder­obe wear. Too gown for me to in­cred­i­ble ball feel like , but it made me ex­trav­a­gant, re­ally it, too. the Beast likes a princess. I hope Dear Di­ary , Gas­ton and the vil­lagers are on their way to the cas­tle... to kill the Beast! I must find a way to save him! Dear Di­ary , The spell is bro­ken at last!


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