Kid Crew EJ San­tos got to sit down with Jeff Kin­ney, au­thor of the Di­ary of a Wimpy Kid series, for a quick chat!

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Kid Crew EJ: Just for LOLs, were you a wimpy kid?

Jeff Kin­ney: I was an av­er­age wimpy mo­ments! kid but I had re­ally at I played sports, but it. Re­mem­ber when I wasn’t the best from his Greg hid in coach in the the bath­room sec­ond book? I did that, too!

EJ: Would you say that on your child­hood Di­ary of a Wimpy Kid is based ex­pe­ri­ences?

JK: I get my ideas mostly from my child­hood mem­o­ries, then I try to change them up. I also use my imag­i­na­tion

EJ: Do you base your char­ac­ters on peo­ple you know in a real life?

JK: All the char­ac­ters are kinda fic­tion­al­ized ver­sions of my own fam­ily mem­bers. don’t do ex­actly They but what my fam­ily they do things did, that my fam­ily might have done.

EJ: Which char­ac­ter do you like writ­ing about the most?

JK: I like writ­ing about Row­ley, ’coz there’s some­thing that makes

him re­ally fun. He doesn’t say a lot, he’s an in­ter­est­ing but I think char­ac­ter.

EJ: How long does it take you to write Kid book? a Wimpy

JK: It took me eight one, years to fin­ish the and now it takes first me about nine months.

EJ: When will you stop writ­ing Wimpy Kid books?

JK: Hope­fully never!

EJ: What does your di­ary look like, if have one? you

JK: Yeah, I did keep it was one from age 25 a mix of text and to 28, and al­most ex­actly il­lus­tra­tions. like It looks Di­ary of a Wimpy Kid.

EJ: Why is read­ing rad?

JK: I think that the more you read, the more you get out of life. If you a lot, you find things read that you’re in­ter­ested in and that stim­u­late your think­ing.

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