Meet the Vamps

We talked to The Vamps dudes, Brad, James, Tris­tan, and Con­nor, about ran­dom stuff! (Speak­ing of ran­dom things, DYK they can all do cart wheels? Yep!)

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KZ: Who do you ship in your band?

Brad: I think Trav­ley (Tris­tan + Bradley) would be the cra­zi­est cou­ple. Ac­tu­ally, I think it’s ei­ther Trav­ley or Jon­nor (James + Con­nor).

KZ: What do you do when you’re hav­ing a bad day?

James: I al­ways look at the funny side of things. So, when some­thing goes wrong, I try to joke about it. Brad: That’s right! Have a joke in your back pocket.

KZ: What would you have your fans wear when they go to your con­certs?

Brad: All the guys in suits. James: All the girls in one­sies. Tris­tan: I like [the color] orange! Brad: I own a mon­key one­sie, so if they want to come in a mon­key one­sie, that would be great! Tris­tan: If they have an orange mon­key one­sie, that would be fine.

KZ: Do you plan on com­ing back to the Philip­pines?

James: We’re def­i­nitely re­turn­ing to the Philip­pines for the world tour!

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