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AP­PEAR­ANCE: The gi­ant huntsman spider is the largest spider known to ex­ist. Its leg span can reach up to 12 inches. Wide, dark bands dec­o­rate its yel­low­ish­brown legs, which ex­tend like crab limbs.

HABI­TAT: These spi­ders are usu­ally cave dwellers, but can also be found in build­ings and forests.

WEB STYLE: No webs for these eight-legged won­ders! An adult GHS spends its time ac­tively search­ing for prey.

DE­FENSE STRAT­EGY: GH spi­ders are ven­omous, but their venom isn’t strong enough to cause hoomans se­ri­ous med­i­cal con­cern.

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