World of Weps

Get hyped for this inked-out arse­nal of blasters!

K-Zone (Philippines) - - YOU GOT GAME -

Main Weapons: Your de­fault tools

Splat Dualies: These dual pis­tols can aim at two dif­fer­ent tar­gets at the same time. When equipped, you can per­form a dodge-roll by press­ing B while fir­ing. Twice the soak­ing power, twice the fun.

Splat Roller: Pre­vi­ously, the lon­grange main­stay only fired hor­i­zon­tal streams of ink, but now it can shoot ver­ti­cally while you’re in mid-air.

Splat Charger: In­stead of a blob, the blaster shoots a line of ink. It’s best used when aim­ing at a spe­cific tar­get. Spe­cial Weapons: Tem­po­rary equips Splash­down: The new wep makes ink splat­ter around it.

Inkjet: Once this wep is ac­ti­vated, the player has a limited time to fly around the stage while shoot­ing pro­jec­tiles at op­po­nents.

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