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K-Zone (Philippines) - - YOU GOT GAME -

Do you con­sider your­self a ma­jor tech-head?

A. I use gad­gets when nec­es­sary. And I al­ways read the in­struc­tions. B. Well, that’s a huge un­der­state­ment! I hap­pen to live and breathe tech­nol­ogy. #nerdlife

C. Nope, I pre­fer fun ac­tiv­i­ties sans de­vices, like rock­ing out an in­stru­ment or play­ing a sport.

How do you com­mu­ni­cate with your squad?

A. By go­ing old-school and call­ing them on the phone or us­ing a two-way ra­dio.

B. We have a video chat group com­plete with emo­jis and stick­ers! Ahh, the won­ders of tech­nol­ogy!

C. I pre­fer talk­ing to my pals in per­son us­ing non-ver­bal ges­tures and our own made-up se­cret lan­guage that no­body else un­der­stands.

What kinda toys do you col­lect?

A. Figs that have move­able joints and are made of sturdy ma­te­rial for play­ing out­doors. B. Con­soles and gad­gets. Name it, I gotta have it. The higher the specs and the big­ger the stor­age space, the bet­ter!

C. I get more af­ford­able (but still cool-look­ing) toys so that I can buy a lot of ’em and fill up a whole room. The more, the mer­rier.

How would you de­fend your HQ from in­trud­ers?

A. I would run in­side for­ti­fied bunkers and blast my core build­ings off to space! See if they can reach me there! B. Build lots of aerial units, cloak them, then or­ga­nize a sneak at­tack. Let power rain from above! C. I would sum­mon an army of crea­tures and sur­round my base with thou­sands of them. For the Over­mind!

What is your sig­na­ture steez?

A. Just jeans and a sim­ple printed shirt for me. I also don a pair of shades and a cap on sunny days. B. I can rock any­thing in any color. I like pock­ets in un­ex­pected places, and I wear fancy bling every now and then. C. I mostly wear black, vi­o­let, and other hues as dark as my soul.

What’s your bat­tle cry as you race to­ward an ooey gooey box of pizza for lunch?


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