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Game: Roblox

Whoa! Your avatar’s rock­ing le­git ath­letic steez, Car­los! We think the green jersey totes com­ple­ments the pur­ple head­phones.

Game: Roblox

Hey, did you and Car­los talk about your out­fits? ’Coz we’re get­ting se­ri­ous #twin­ning vibes here! (Are you start­ing a vir­tual sports team to­gether? LOL!)

Ul­trainium Game: Minecraft

Eep! That’s one tough avatar we don’t wanna mess with. Your char­ac­ter deffo looks like he could take over the world. *cue evil laugh*

Name: Mikyla Eu­ge­nio Co­de­name: Ky­laGam­ingYT328

Name: Car­los Carado Co­de­name: for­bid­money­wha6

Name: Mathew Abarico Co­de­name:

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