An­thony bour­dain

O Cap­tain! My Cap­tain!


My phone al­most ex­ploded with texts and alerts at around half past six on the evening of June 8, Fri­day. I was in the mid­dle of watch­ing that for­get­table Han Solo solo movie, and … you know that feel­ing of dread that comes over you when sud­denly, in the space of min­utes, your phone starts light­ing up and buzzing in­ces­santly? I re­ally feared that it would be bad news, and I was pray­ing, be­fore I mus­tered the courage to peek at my phone, that it wasn’t any­thing about my fam­ily or friends. It wasn’t. But it could have very well been, as all the mes­sages were the same. To­tal shock, and sud­den grief, from so many peo­ple, about the pass­ing of An­thony Bour­dain.

None of us had ever met him, but he seemed as close to our hearts as that charm­ing cur­mud­geon of an un­cle we only saw dur­ing Christ­mas. That lov­able rogue who al­ways took the road less trav­elled, led by the rhythm of a drum­beat only he could hear. The im­pas­sioned, im­per­fect, in­spir­ing man that we all idol­ized the most.

It’s been over forty days, but I still am amazed at the over­whelm­ing sad­ness we all felt that day, and how we still feel the loss up to now. It couldn’t have been just his books or his shows. Whether you were a chef or a writer or sim­ply an avid fol­lower, he made us laugh and he made us love. His words, on the page, flowed; but more than that, they res­onated, and that’s why we read his books again and again and again. Surely, through No Reser­va­tions and Parts Un­known, he en­cour­aged us all to travel, but more than that, he taught us to live, and truly ap­pre­ci­ate, and en­joy the jour­ney of life.

I can hon­estly say that this magazine you’re read­ing, much less the show that it’s now led to, would not be here to­day if not for An­thony Bour­dain. I’d like to say that I am his num­ber one fan, but truth be told, we are all, his num­ber one fans. We shall all miss him dearly, and greatly.

Thanks for ev­ery­thing. This one’s for you, Tony.

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