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READ: 2 CORINTHI­ANS 11:24-33 If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weak­ness. v. 30

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“I CAN’T do it,” Robert said, throw­ing his pen­cil down in de­spair. “It’s just too hard!” Read­ing, writ­ing, and spell­ing seemed im­pos­si­ble to our dyslexic 9-year-old. At last, a so­lu­tion was of­fered. But it was tough. We had to do read­ing and spell­ing prac­tice with him for 20 min­utes ev­ery evening – with­out ex­cep­tion. Some­times we just didn’t feel like do­ing it, and at times we de­spaired of see­ing progress. But we were com­mit­ted to get­ting Robert’s read­ing age and his chrono­log­i­cal age to match, so we bat­tled on.

Af­ter 21/2 years, all the tears and strug­gles seemed in­fin­itely worth­while. Robert learned to read and spell. And we all learned pa­tient en­durance.

The apos­tle Paul suf­fered all sorts of hard­ships as he pur­sued his goal of shar­ing the good news of Je­sus with those who had never heard. Per­se­cuted, beaten, im­pris­oned, and mis­un­der­stood, some­times he faced death it­self (2 Cor. 11:25). But the joy of see­ing peo­ple re­spond to his mes­sage made it all worth­while.

If you feel that the task God has called you to is too hard, re­mem­ber that the spir­i­tual lessons and joy that are wrapped up in the jour­ney may seem hid­den at first, but they are cer­tainly there! God will help you find them. — MAR­ION STROUD

Some­times we learn that hard­ships were bless­ings in dis­guise, that earnest work and faith in God were proven to be wise. – HESS The jour­ney is as im­por­tant as the desti­na­tion.

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