Guava & goats make a good com­bi­na­tion

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Here’s one good farm­ing strat­egy of rais­ing goats and guavas at the same time. It was prac­ticed sev­eral years back by Ro­mulo Cruz of Com­postela, Cebu be­fore he mi­grated to an­other coun­try.

Romy’s farm was a rocky hill where he planted 3,000 guap­ple trees and raised some 50 goats in con­fine­ment. The goats were fed with con­cen­trates and grass gath­ered from the farm.

He made money sell­ing his goats, but what was even more im­por­tant to him was that the goats pro­vided the ma­nure that made his guava trees pro­duc­tive through­out the year. The fruits were of very high qual­ity so that he was able to sell them at P22 per kilo com­pared to the R10-R12 per kilo that his neigh­bors who also pro­duced guavas got for their har­vest.

He had a unique way of uti­liz­ing his goat ma­nure as fer­til­izer. In the three hectares planted to guavas, he con­structed four con­crete reser­voirs where he stored wa­ter for the daily wa­ter­ing of his trees.

Each reser­voir mea­sured 4 me­ters long, 3 me­ters wide and one me­ter high. He filled each tank with wa­ter and then sub­merged four sacks of newly gath­ered goat ma­nure in each tank. The goat ma­nure was ideal be­cause it comes in pel­let-like form and does not have a bad smell.

The ma­nure trans­formed the wa­ter into a dark tea that is rich in nu­tri­ents. This was what he used to wa­ter the trees ev­ery day. It made the trees very ro­bust, hardy against diseases, very fruit­ful and the fruits were sweet, crisp and with shiny skin. And that was the rea­son why he could sell his guavas at R22 per kilo in Cebu.

Ev­ery two to three weeks, he took out the ma­nure in the tank and spread it around the guava trees. Then he put in an­other four sacks in the tank. Through­out the year, that was his way of fer­til­iz­ing his guava trees.

Romy swore that his goat ma­nure tea re­ally worked won­ders for his trees. He had a num­ber of neigh­bors who also

GOAT MA­NURE IDEAL FOR MAK­ING MA­NURE TEA – The ma­nure of goats which comes in pel­let-like form is ideal for mak­ing ma­nure tea for wa­ter­ing fruit trees like guavas. Ma­nure in sacks is sub­merged in the tank of wa­ter to pro­duce ma­nure tea. The ma­nure that is sub­merged trans­forms the wa­ter into a dark ma­nure rea that is full of nu­tri­ents. Goat ma­nure is ideal for this pur­pose be­cause it does not have a bad smell un­like chicken and pig ma­nure.

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