Hu­man rights in a prin­ci­pled democ­racy

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ALL con­sti­tu­tional bod­ies should ob­serve the tenets of a prin­ci­pled democ­racy. But what is “prin­ci­pled democ­racy?”

All mem­bers are equal – they have equal rights and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties.

im­par­tial­ity and fair­ness rules are ap­plied equally and fairly to all and not just a few no fa­vored group within the or­ga­ni­za­tion that will get pref­er­en­tial treat­ment or who con­sid­ers it­self above the law.

Ideas come from the mem­bers and are pre­sented to the as­sem­bly to de­cide upon. Ev­ery­one gets the right to present ideas, speak to these ideas, and vote on the ideas, not just a se­lect group.

rights of the mi­nor­ity and ab­sent mem­bers are pro­tected.

Ev­ery­thing is ac­com­plished in the spirit of open­ness, not se­crecy. Mem­bers have the right to know what is go­ing on within the or­ga­ni­za­tion.

*** Pro­pa­ganda is just like an in­tri­cately de­signed por­tico of a struc­ture that can eas­ily col­lapse if based on a shaky foun­da­tion. If the prime ob­jec­tive is just to dis­play grandeur, the scheme is ex­pected to fail if there’s noth­ing be­neath.


On un­par­lia­men­tary be­hav­ior:

Ethics are the set of moral prin­ci­ples that guide a per­son's be by so­cial norms, cul­tural prac­tices and re­li­gious in­flu­ences. right and wrong, what is just and un­just, what is good and bad in serve as a com­pass to di­rect how peo­ple should be­have to­ward one another and live their lives, obli­ga­tions to so­ci­ety.

*** With so much hate, dis­gust, con­temp­tu­ous re­marks, and name call­ing spread­ing on its pages, our chil­dren, grand­chil­dren and young peo­ple can see our ag­i­tated post­ings. I guess we have ev­ery right to ex­press our opin­ion on any is­sue, but it sad­dens me to see these an­gry ex­changes be­com­ing a daily oc­cur­rence. For­give my be­hav­ior, as well, dear chil­dren. While it is good to have your voices heard, this is not the way to go. I apol­o­gize. Let us all pray that we can do bet­ter on a new day.

*** While right­ing a wrong is gen­er­ally ac­cept­able, right­ing a wrong with another wrong will surely has­ten the ex­pected dis­mem­ber­ment of the to­tal struc­ture. As they say, too much fo­cus on the past and the fu­ture will re­sult in ze­royield for the present. And this is what is hap­pen­ing now.

*** choose to look the other way are the same as those who have eyes but pre­tend to be blind.

*** Bautista won’t re­sign be­cause God says ‘not yet.’ Lucky guy for his abil­ity to hear God's voice. lenges, po­lit­i­cal risks – Moody’s

Metro Manila sub­way project gets green light

New Clark-Manila P2P buses to start Sept 15

PH to add more sec­tors al­low­ing 100% for­eign own­er­ship

*** If you lie a lot and some­one asks

*** you the same ques­tion another day, for sure, you wouldn’t even - re­mem­ber what you said. Speak boats and Grab­ca­noes will be the truth al­ways, and the an­swer de­ployed. Uhop-rafts will soon will be the same. fol­low. It's a wa­ter­proof-world. ***

*** I re­mem­ber when CJ Corona agreed and signed a waiver to dis­close his SALN and bank ac­counts, he chal­lenged his ac­cusers to do that a chief jus­tice was not above the law and not ex­empted from cul­pa­bil­ity. He com­plied but the se­na­tor-judges and the in­fa­mous - tions to the rule.


*** in stages: ac­tion, mi­nor, mod­er­ate, ma­jor and record stage. Here in stan­dards:

Re­cent good news largely ig­nored:

Metro Manila work­ers to pay hike

PH shares reach new record, led by prop­erty, min­ing and oil

Re­mit­tances up 8.7% in at $2.56B

Ex­press­way op­er­a­tors sign deal on in­te­grated toll col­lec­tion

PH posts bal­ance of pay­ments sur­plus in Q2

For­eign gov­ern­ments pledge over P2B for Marawi re­hab – DND

Last-minute buy­ing lifts PSEi to hit new all-time high

62 Caloocan cops sacked, more to be relieved af­ter al­leged rob­bery

PH to weather struc­tural chal- get July

On elec­tions:

count the votes de­cide ev­ery­thing." – Joseph Stalin

*** be at par with Uber rates." – Chair­man Martin Del­gra 3rd

*** I have yet to hear this man say some­thing good for com­muters. He must have seen 500 times the movie

*** As per Com­elec, gun ban for barangay, SK elec­tions starts on Sept. 23 and ends on Oct. 23. Of course, crim­i­nals are ex­empted - arms and their per­mits to carry have no ex­pi­ra­tion date.

*** Some­one asked me why there are numer­ous on­go­ing im­peach­ment com­plaints at the mo­ment. Very con­sti­tu­tional bod­ies and im­peach­ment is the only le­gal rem­edy.

*** Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.

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