The un­afraid

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prob­a­bly re­set­tled in Bi­col in that par­tic­u­lar wave of mi­gra­tion.

Philip­pine Mil­i­tary Academy, tak­ing the lead from his navy at the PMA, Mr. Lagman’s fam late Popoy Lagman, a prom­i­nent at­ten­tion from his ex­ploits in the un­der­ground move­ment. In­side the move­ment, he was re­garded a heretic, the leader of the bloc that ques­tioned the vi­a­bil­ity of Mao’s long game, that of a pa­tient en­cir­cling the seat of power from the coun­try­side. When the Re­jec­tion­ists, the con­trar­i­ans to the core planks of the main­stream Left, speak of the “Nicaraguan op­tion” in gain­ing state power, they are merely echo­ing what Popoy Lagman had pro­posed be­fore heated plenums of the Left.

Another brother, la­bor lawyer Harmon Lagman, dis­ap­peared dur­ing the Mar­tial Law years. Harmon Lagman was one the first de­sa­pare­ci­dos of Mar­cos’ of the name Harmon Lagman im­me­di­ately de­bunks all claims that Mar­cos’ Mar­tial Law did not sum­mar­ily sal­vage po­lit­i­cal dis­senters.

Ed­cel Lagman has worked within the sys­tem and not un­der­ground. Still, his so­cial and eco­nomic jus­tice themes are sim­i­lar to what his dead broth­ers fought for – only the mode and strate­gies dif­fered. Anti-au­thor­i­tar­i­an­ism, eco­nomic safety nets, the re­ver­sal of ante­dilu­vian pop­u­la­tion pro­grams are his core pol­icy planks, the planks of pro­gres­sives work­ing within the lib­eral demo­cratic sys­tem.

back­ground, does not in­habit the po­lit­i­cal space of Mr. Lagman and his ‘ser­mon on the mount’ cen­tered on anti- cor­rup­tion ex­po­sure and cen­sure of cor­rupt for gov­ern­ing with im­punity.

not a po­lit­i­cal pro­gres­sive.

them lead­ers of the po­lit­i­cal op­po­si­tion was the timid­ity of the op­po­si­tion lead­ers and their re­fusal to be cowed and daunted. At the front­line of the op­po­si­tion to Mr. Duterte are the un­afraid.

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