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the movie “Back to the Fu­ture.”

*** SWS: Duterte re­bounds with ‘ ex­cel­lent’ trust rat­ing. The sur­vey found 83 per­cent of adult Filipinos with “much trust” and only 7 per­cent with “lit­tle” trust in Duterte, while 10 per­cent said they were “un­de­cided.”

-- I hope some law­mak­ers and some me­dia out­fits were lis­ten­ing.

*** MMDA says the av­er­age cruis­ing speed along EDSA of 17 kilo­me­ters per hour be­fore the mall hours ad­just­ment IM­PROVED to 19 kilo­me­ters per hour when the malls started op­er­at­ing from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

-- Dear MMDA, could you please step on your gas pedal and see if you can feel or no­tice a “2 kph” dif­fer­ence?

*** pathol­o­gists are con­sis­tent with se­vere dengue or dengue shock syn­drome,” Health Sec­re­tary Fran­cisco Duque says.

On DENG­VAXIA: The SELLER and the BUYER are BOTH ac­count­able for the sale of a flawed vac­cine in­jected to 837,000 chil­dren who seem to have been used as guinea pigs. There is NO way the seller and the buyer can com­pen­sate for the men­tal tor­ture of the chil­dren’s par­ents who are wrestling with fear over the threat of the dis­ease af­flict­ing their child.

*** Ran­dom hu­mor­ous thoughts as we age:

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could put our­selves in the dryer for 10 min­utes; come out wrin­kle-free and three sizes smaller?”

“Last year I joined a sup­port group for pro­cras­ti­na­tors. We haven’t met yet.”

“I don’t trip over things, I just do ran­dom grav­ity checks.”

“I don’t need anger man­age­ment. I need peo­ple to stop piss­ing me off.”

“Old age is al­ways ex­pected to come in at a re­ally bad time.”

“When I was a child I thought nap time was a pun­ish­ment. Now, as a grown up, it just feels like a small va­ca­tion.”

“The big­gest lie I tell my­self is ... I don’t need to write that down, I’ll re­mem­ber it.”

“Lord, grant me the strength to ac­cept the things I can­not change, the courage to change the things I can and the friends to post my

“I don’t have gray hair. have ‘wis­dom high­lights.’”

“My peo­ple skills are just just id­iots that needs work.”

“If God wanted me to touch my toes, he would have put them on my knees.”

“The kids text me ‘pls,’ which is a short form of please. I text back ‘no,’ which is shorter than “yes.”

“I’m go­ing to re­tire and live off of my sav­ings. Not sure what I’ll do on the sec­ond week.”

“On Char­ter’s Pre­am­ble: When did it change from ‘ We, the Peo­ple’ to ‘Screw the Peo­ple?’”

“I’ve lost my mind and I’m pretty sure my wife took it.”


“Why do I have to press one for English when you’re just gonna trans­fer me to some­one who orig­i­nated from a non- English speak­ing coun­try?”

“Of course, I talk to my­self! I some­times need an ex­pert ad­vice.”

“Oops! Did out loud?”

“At my age, get­ting lucky means walk­ing into this room and re­mem­ber­ing what I came here for.”

“Cho­co­late comes from co­coa, which is a tree ... so that makes it a plant, which means cho­co­late is a salad.”

“Life is short. Drink the good wine first. Save the poor ones when your taste buds start to mal­func­tion.” *** Should the state gov­ern the me­dia, or the me­dia the state? roll my eyes

S a d l y, both think they should and when they clash, they dis­re­gard eth­i­cal stan­dards and break any law that may ob­struct their be­liefs.

*** When 1,302 erring po­lice­men are given dis­ci­plinary sanc­tions and placed on a float­ing sta­tus, don’t they con­tinue drawing their monthly wages do­ing noth­ing? Just ask­ing.

*** Only vir­tu­ous gov­er­nance can help put or­der in our so­ci­ety in place. Only when there is so­cial or­der can we kiss politics good­bye.

*** PRRD is on a fir­ing rampage. I just hope Agnes Cal­la­mard and Chito Gas­con will not add the names of those fired of­fi­cials to the EJK list.

*** Ja­panese Prime Min­is­ter Shinzo ABE is not a Ca­pam­pan­gan, af­ter all. But he should try Pam­panga’s to­cino sashimi, sisig ra­men, ka­maro sushi, mor­con yak­i­tori and udon with snipes.

*** I can’t help but rem­i­nisce on ABS-CBN’s cov­er­age of Pope John Paul II’s last visit in Manila in Jan­uary 1995 to at­tend the World Youth Day. I was over­all di­rec­tor of the whole cov­er­age and the mem­ory still lingers to this day.

It was a very spe­cial mo­ment for me to be at the stu­dio with 12 screens, choos­ing which cam­eras to use in cap­tur­ing the mo­tor­cade of the Pope from the air­port’s tar­mac to the res­i­dence of the Pa­pal Nun­cio on Taft Av­enue.

- - at ev­ery point. Noli de Cas­tro and Mel Tiangco, Angelo Cas­tro Jr and Loren Le­garda, Frankie Evan­ge­lista and An­gelique Lazo, Ted Failon and Ko­rina Sanchez, Danny Bue­nafe and Ces Drilon.

While GMA7 bagged the ex­clu­sive rights to cover the World Youth Day, we found ways to by­pass the re­stric­tions im­posed by our good com­peti­tor. Since our shots of the pa­pal mo­tor­cade were of­ten blocked, we used Mer­alco ser­vice trucks plus city the mul­ti­tude with makeshift plat­forms for cam­era­men and mi­crowave dishes.

All of the anchors were tearyeyed an­no­tat­ing the event, in­clud­ing me at the stu­dio. An um­brella smug­gled near the plat­form con­cealed a satel­lite an­tenna. I had goose bumps see­ing the sea of hu­man­ity swarm­ing around the Pope from both sides - rable and glo­ri­ous day that I will never for­get. Blessed to experience such glory and such joy.

*** Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.

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