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1 Guilt should never be the mo­ti­va­tion to get healthy be­cause guilt wears off. Your de­ci­sion should be be­cause you want to feel good and healthy and live long for loved ones.

2 Work out a min­i­mum of thrice a week; other­wise, there's no point. Work­ing out thrice a week is what ac­tu­ally makes a no­tice­able "dent" in your body and how you feel phys­i­cally.

3 If and when you have a go-sig­nal from your doc­tor to hire a per­sonal trainer or mak­ing a sig­nif­i­cant change in your food for the week, then by all means, start ASAP.

4 Be­fore rush­ing to go on any crash di­ets be­cause of guilt, ask yourself first what your goal is and look at it as a so­lu­tion and not a tem­po­rary Band-Aid. This is what I call the yo-yo. Don't do that to your body. Your heart, your liver, etc. You have people around you to live for—ask yourself how much you want this change in your life­style. And then go for it. 5 Eat a lot of cu­cum­ber, toma­toes, and spinach in your sal­ads. 6 In­stead of snack­ing on corn chips, potato chips, and french fries, snack on nuts. She says that Health and Body by Michaella is 75% food and 25% work­out. Why? “If you are al­ready work­ing out five days a week and you are not see­ing re­sults fast enough, then the prob­lem is your food. When I rec­om­mend a meal plan for some­one, this meal plan only gives the client the full ben­e­fit of the work­out that they are al­ready do­ing.”

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